PS3 + Linux + 360 HD-DVD Drive = Wicked Fast DVD Ripper

In this article, the author writes:

"You can install Linux onto a PS3, but it is pretty hobbled. First of all, you don't get full access to the sick graphics capabilities, and secondly you can't watch DVD movies from within the Linux OS.

Well luckily I tried plugging in my XBox 360 HD-DVD Drive. Upon rebooting the PS3, the XBox 360 drive came up as the first SCSI drive /dev/scd0 and /dev/dvd was linked to it. The Blueray PS3 drive came up as /dev/scd1 and was linked to /dev/dvd-sr1.

I am now able to rip with the best of them. I compiled handbrake from source, and I am now able to RIP all my DVDs and encode them in H.264 in near real time."

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CNIVEK4488d ago

That is truly bizarre. o_0

TheMART4488d ago

So the PS3 in the end is what Ken said it was: a computer. To do some stuff computers do. Not so good for games though.

masterg4488d ago

How many accounts do you need to keep your 5 bubbles?
Cloning yourself will not make you more likable.

power0919994488d ago

My PS3 seems to play games just fine. I guess adding another computer to my home network certainly helps find value in the $450 I paid for it.

Besides.. last time I checked I could play movies on my 360 as well. I can't use it as a PC if I wanted to though. It sucks but oh well.

So basically what I am getting at is the 360 can play games, and movies. Awesome! The PS3 can play games, and movies.... oh and you can use it as a computer IF YOU WANT TO.

Last time I checked it's usally better to get more functionality out of something, than less functionality.

VirusE4488d ago

The mart you have more than one account? You are now officially as bad as nasim. You are seriously a pathetic person to do such a thing.

Bebedora4488d ago

I've read this for a few days back. The linux kernel is catered to handle the xbox, therefore it could manage the external HD-DVD drive for the 360.

There is some anonymous guys that have managed to break the security in it to able the installation of a linux OS.

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Bazookajoe_834488d ago

The ps3 is a supercomputer with all kinds of possibility´s =)

mighty_douche4488d ago

someone need to make linux support the RSX graphics card, this would make the whole thing much more enjoyable.

EZCheez4488d ago

I don't know if it ever will. It could open up a whole new can of worms for Sony because it could probably handle anything made to run on it and bring on all sorts of legal problems.

I've already got mine running an SNES emulator. Imagine what it could do with the RSX. It's also got an awesome Office Suite that is totally FREE. That's already a legal issue. I don't even know where that's at right now.

Proxy4488d ago

Sony isn't responsible for how I use their hardware.

If this is the case, then why isn't Dell sued? We all know theirs thousands of Dells downloading illegal movies, using P2P and sealing music, using illegal software, etc. Is this Dells fault?

Also, how is you using a free Office Suite causing Sony a "can of worms," is MS going to sue them because "Hey, that free open source program, developed by the public, stole our ideas! Waaa Waa!"

aiphanes4488d ago

He said that they could rip HD-DVDs but could not play them back under least not yet...

Somebody is going to get the HD-DVD player to work and play back on the PS3......

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The story is too old to be commented.