LGC 2006: Ubisoft Dev Confirms Assassin's Creed Demo

Developers from Ubisoft Montreal working on Assassin's Creed wouldn't confirm the existence of an Xbox 360 version of the game (they did, however, emphatically deny reports that engineers from Microsoft were embedded at Ubisoft Montreal working on the game's development), but they did confirm that before Assassin's Creed ships in March of 2007, Ubisoft Montreal intends on releasing a demo of the game.

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Ken Kutaragi4463d ago

There goes another one of my exclusives. Oh well, theres always janitor duty at Sony headquarters...

Jay da 2KBalla4463d ago

I bet you this will be on 360.

TheMART4463d ago

If it wouldn't be, instead of this:

"Assassin's Creed has only been announced for PS3."

they would say:

"Assassin's Creed is an exclusive for PS3."

or even more clear:

"Assassin's Creed has is only for PS3, we won't make the game for the 360."

But they don't. They are just moving around like bad politicians turning words.

Assassins Creed will be on 360, just a timed exclusive of 2 to 3 months. Mark my words. And haha you're indeed funny to laugh at. Hihi

original seed4463d ago

and you're in denial if you think it wont

Islandkiwi4463d ago

Be a PS3 exclusive? Or it will be coming to the 360? Which direction are you taking?!?

shoota334463d ago

xbox fanboys keep hoping and wishing for AC LOL!! Beacause the only way you are going to play it is on a ps3 or IN YOUR DREAMS LOL!! LOL!!

Ken Kutaragi4463d ago

Oh Kaz, how i admire your unyielding effort. Always optimistic. BTW I love sushi too! Cant wait to meet Bill and Melinda for lunch Friday...want to join us?

noSpecialCharsAllowd4463d ago

ur jokes are lame... but its funny nonetheless.. haha..