Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars - Pro-G Review

Long before Grand Theft Auto leapt into the third dimension, and the same year that Driver tentatively sketched out a mould for free-roaming automotive violence as a basis for a console game, Crazy Taxi caused trailing queues with an arcade cabinet experience that allowed gob-smacked players to burn rubber and guzzle gas in a frantic, fully realised 3D city

A year later at the turn of the millennium it moved to the Dreamcast, becoming a benchmark game for Sega's brilliant but doomed console, and since then the series has enjoyed success on a number of formats.

As of yet, other than a terrible Game Boy version, there have been no handheld versions of the fondly remembered series, meaning the latest cab-driving offering from Sega should bring some welcome nostalgia to the back pockets of any twenty-something gamers the length and breadth of the country. Sadly though, despite the fact that Fare Wars ably squeezes both the original Dreamcast Crazy Taxi and its sequel onto one UMD, with a sprinkling of new features, this classic duo of games have not aged well.

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