Unreal Engine 4 in Development

In Tim Sweeney's rather unassuming office, there's a table with a giant pad of graph paper etched with numbers and arcane scribbling. Some assumed it to be the formula for cold fusion. Others imagined it might a way to alter the time/space continuum. Later, it was revealed to be code for the Unreal Engine 4...

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WilliamRLBaker4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

I think they need to be concentrating on UE3 so as to make it the best, cause simply put with what some devs are saying they didn't make it the best they could.

Edit: im just saying they should have their best guy concentrating on filling out UE3 to its max instead of making a new engine.

marison4486d ago

now to get their next-gen engine in time to DirectX 11, new cards. This do not means that they will end working on UE3. They will work on both simultaneously.

Genki4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

just in time to be late to the party. By the time this hits it's almost sure to be more advanced than what Crytek has, and with the monstrous penetration UE3 has already, I wouldn't be surprised if people just didn't bother with Cryteks offering. By the time they're done with UE3, guess what will be waiting in the wings...won't be Cryengine, that's for sure.

I could be wrong though, just thoughts. For the record I love what I've seen from Crytek, as that GDC demo was sickeningly awesome. I only wish it would have come out sooner and with console compatibility.

Fighter4486d ago

Their UT3 engine seems to be impossible on the PS3 thus far and a lot of devs that use the engine have already complained.


howd you figure that, and UT3 is running better than the native pc platform, unless you get a 10000 dollar pc, that ps3 can still give better graphics performance than

DeadlyFire4486d ago

The Engine will debut in a couple of years and that was said in 2005-2006. Odds are it will be around 2010 when we see it. Work on these things never stop when one hits the market the next one is already a year or so down the road in development.

iceman20004486d ago

opgel vil itt dx10 to brekfest

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