3DS fails to start a feeding frenzy – but should Nintendo be worried?

"The 3DS console sales figures are in. But with all the talk of a ‘feeding frenzy’ for the system’s launch, did it perform as well as it expected?"

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ComboBreaker3466d ago

With the incoming of the NGP, the Ultimate Handheld Gaming Device, YES, Nintendo should be worried.

kyl2773466d ago

Remember what they said about the PSP and the DS, remember what happened.

Just saying.

aceitman3466d ago

kyl277 i agrre . but this is a game changer everything plus more is in the ngp compared to the psp . it will be something to see . ngp unlike the psp is touch screen front and back which is something new .. and dual analog sticks something wished for by almost all gamers with the psp. so its not just a bigger screen with sweet hand held graphics like the psp .. i would like all platforms to make y true gamers can continue to play ..

Masterchef20073466d ago

You have to take into account that the PSP was sonys first handheld. So it is normal that they made a lot of mistakes with it.

Now with the NGP it seems that sony has learnt from their mistakes in the past. Instead of having one pad they have 2, flashbased media, touchscreen, OLED screen to save battery, trackpad, PS3 quality games, Playstationsuite and last but not least 3G which will be important to those who have it.

The NGP isnt going to be another PSP. Its going to be a lot more than that. And from Sonys experence with the PS3 there should be a ton of great games to play on the NGP. Plus with playsation suite we will have acess to cheap 1 or 2 euro games. Not to mention PS, PS2 and PSN arcade titles.

The NGP has plenty to offer and it will be an even bigger sucess than the PSP. Now if you ask me if i think the NGP will over take the 3DS i would have to say no.

As you know Nintendo has a huge fanbase and a strong name in the gamming market. So its normal that their fans will buy any piece of Nintendo hardware thrown at them. Its been proven that they will even buy multiple versions of the same device. Which has happend with the DS, DSlite, DSI and DSIXL.

ozstar3466d ago

@acietman, I could have sworn you were being sarcastic.

Shok3466d ago

Lol. Even Sony fanboys should know that the hendheld market is ruled by Nintendo. It'll be sad if I get any disagrees.

kesvalk3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

it was ruled until now, yes, but these things can change easily if nintendo slip...

i dunno if i gonna buy a 3DS for a much more simpler problem: I am lefty, and i would need to pass most of the games that would make use of the circle pad and touch screen at the same time, wich is.... a lot...

it's the same with skyward sword, i dunno if i want to play it, one of the major appeals i had with zelda was that link was a lefty, now they just change this for the sake of selling more... i don't like it...

oh look, a wall of text...

dedicatedtogamers3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

The big thing is that the 3DS is the first Nintendo handheld to place a strong emphasis on technology instead of game library. Other than the 3D effect, there isn't a single game on the 3DS that can't be done on other platforms.

3DS is also Nintendo's most expensive handheld.

So, don't think the 3DS will be a huge hit just because it is by Nintendo....people forget the N64 and Gamecube so easily.

just_looken3466d ago

if you a little kid or just starting those teen games get the 3ds and tylenol (no one under 5) if your 16+ get the ngp with the big real games and feature's.

Jezuz3466d ago

just_looken, that's stupid. That's like saying if you're a small kid get a PS3 cause it has Worms on it.

Venox20083466d ago

but it's a handheld, not a home console :) all nintendo's handhelds have done good

Jezuz3466d ago

Ultimate handheld gaming device? It's far too early to tell. And it's all about preference

Megaton3466d ago

Nintendo has dominated the handheld market for decades. There's always a good chance that Sony will botch the NGP launch with a really high price.

macky3013466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

that is what I am thinking,.. Price point is probably the most important factor,.. Though 3DS fucked that to,.. 250usd is to much,.. not to say it is 37usd in Europe,.. I can get a PS3 for that,.. I would maybe fork out that much for NGP,.. but seriously 370usd is kinda a lot of money for a handheld,..

EYEamNUMBER13466d ago

neither the wii or the DS started a feeding frenzy and they did very good for themselves and still are

princejb1343466d ago

nintendo should't be worried, i think about everyone who own a previous ds has come to have confidence with nintendo, enough to buy their next handheld the 3ds
as for me ill be buying a 3ds after they remake it because im pretty sure they will with better 3d

ABizzel13465d ago

I think the hardcore are simply waiting. The 3DS is great, but there's really no need to rush out and buy it right now. I think they're waiting until the big titles come out. That, and they're waiting for the inevitable 3DS lite, with a better battery life. I know I'm one of them.

The tsunami and earthquake destroyed what would have been possible in Japan.

The final problem is there are just TOO MANY GAMES. Every month has had at least 2 must buy games, and people simply can't keep up.

Jan.- Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, LBP 2, and DCU Online.

Feb.- MvsC 3, KZ3, Bulletstorm

Mar.- Fight Night R4, Pokemon, Homefront, Crysis 2, Yakuza 4, MLB 11, Dissidia 12, N4S Shift 2, and 3rd B-day.

It's just too much.

Apr.- SOCOM 4, Portal 2, MK

May.- Brink, LA Noire, Dirt 3, FEAR 3, Red Faction

The only break is in June and July which have 1 must have, InFamous.

It was an awful time to launch a console, and I'm sure they wish they could have made holiday 2010. But the good news is it's not like they're doing bad, but I'm sure they were expecting better numbers.

AWBrawler3465d ago

seems like fanboy banter, if you claim in unreleased System the Ultimate Gaming Device, I'm just saying....

but again they both with have an audience, but Mario, Pokémon, and Zelda have proven too many times that they can sells handheld systems like crazy. I think Nintendo is doing good, and with NGP not launching until next year, they have all the time they need to make a name for theirselves with glasses free 3D

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Shok3466d ago

Um, the 3DS had the biggest launch in handheld history according to GameStop, if I'm not mistaken.

PS3ROCKS3466d ago

What but I bought 7 of each color.

Silly gameAr3466d ago

Nope. This reminds me of the PS3 launch. Be patient and good things will come.

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