Coming Soon: Download DS Demos At Home Through Wii

Nintendo announced this morning that they are finally doing what they should have long ago: letting Wii owners use the console to download Nintendo DS game demos.

DS download stations in Japan and the US already allow owners of Nintendo's portable system to pull down demo versions of new games. Soon enough, announced Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at a recent press conference in Tokyo, they'll be able to do it from their Wii. Good show. This could be an awesome feature.

Other DS-related announcements at the conference include a version of the cult hit strategy RPG series Fire Emblem for the platform.

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PS360WII4482d ago

It about time! This'll be fun when it gets out. That and the PSP online store. Man it just keeps getting better for the handhelds ^^

ShadoWulf4482d ago


Anyways, good show Nintendo. This is good stuff.