Peter Molyneux joins the 'Are games art?' debate and reveals more of Fable 2

In part one of Gameindustry's interview with Peter Molyneux, published last week, the Lionhead boss revealed how he's planning to revolutionize combat in games with Fable 2.

Here, in part two, he talks more generally about his vision for the future of games, and offers his perspective on the long running debate over whether they can be considered an art form.

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green_ghost54027d ago

Yeah, go Lionhead, Fable 2 will be awesome!!!!

SpaceCowgirl4027d ago

"No comment. You can imagine, being a part of Microsoft there are people with hugely sharp weapons standing outside this room, waiting to use them if I comment on that in any way, shape or form."

I don't care how wild or ridiculous this mans claims get. He never ceases to amaze me. One of my Motivations for buying Fable 2 is just to help Peter Molyneux stay in the business so he can keep fighting the good fight and doing larger than life everything.

PlayStation3604027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

but my main reason to help Mr. Molyneux is that dude makes awesome games. :P
Seriously, I loved Fable 1 and like green_ghost5 said "Fable 2 will be awesome". I know some of my bros from the PS3 camp may say 360 ain't got no good games for 08. But that's all BS, this game is on my top 5 most wanted games for 08.