Half-Life 2: Portal - CVG Review gives 9.3/10

CVG writes: "Well fancy that; if you'd have spoken to us a year ago we would've never predicted that Portal on Xbox 360 would have turned out been the definitive version. Despite being used to a mouse and keyboard for shooters, Valve's head-flipping puzzler works flawlessly on 360's pad."

"And the ending - oh, sweet goodness, the ending. This is unquestionably the most charming, loveable game world Valve has ever created, and when wrapped around a fun and original concept like this, there's a whole lot to like."

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MK_Red4028d ago

Portal SHOULD NOT be review seperately. God, whay is wrong with them? The game is Orange Box and so far, I don't think Portal is sold seperately so they must review the box: 10/10, 11 for the value.