Mario Kart Wii will feature Motorcycles

At the same conference where Nintendo confirmed Sonic as a playable Smash Bros. character, the company also announced that Mario Kart Wii will include motorcycles when it ships next year. While there's no other information about the new Mario Kart vehicle type, we know that Wario already has his own set of two wheels, as pictured above. It'll be interesting to see which characters can ride on two wheels or if it'll be available to one and all.

Unfortunately, no one is going to find out very soon, as the game has been delayed from early 2008 to Spring 2008. At least Nintendo gave gamers something to look forward to in the way of motorcycles and then reconfirmed that the steering wheel accessory will come with the game.

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SwiderMan4486d ago

is that it doesn't turn out to be an annoyance gimmick like two-per-kart did in Double Dash!! As much as I liked the game, after a little while, all I wanted was a standard Mario Kart racer like on N64 with updated graphics.

felman874486d ago

two-per-kart should be optional. I loved it when I had a friend over and we played multiplayer grand-prix but I hated it when I was alone. Also, do away with the character weight system and adopt the DS's where any character could use any cart.

sumfood4u4486d ago

Duo~Kart should be opitional, I really enjoyed Solo play style, but I did enjoy the Character special moves!

KeiZka4485d ago

Then again, knowing Nintendo, it'll be a good addition anyway.