Half-Life 2: Episode Two - CVG review scores 9/10

There's a lot to be said then for the fact that this near-four-year-old tech can waltz in and still show up nearly every Unreal Engine FPS of the last twelve months. The excellent pacing, unbeatable cast of characters and mental physics puzzles still make for a brilliant experience, and Episode Two doesn't disappoint.

Its cast of characters still beats out anything competing titles offer (though that might be a different story once Mass Effect is out), and fire fights and the AI in general have seen long overdue improvements since the last episode.

Episode Two goes about fixing a lot of the niggling complaints we had about Episode One; after the last instalment's location recycle-fest it's great to finally see some new environments in Half-Life 2. The lush, open forests and rocky hills are a far cry from the blocks of City 17, and it's a real joy to get rough in the jungle.

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MK_Red4029d ago

It's really unfair how sites and mags are reviewing Orange Box parts seperately. They didn't review Halo 3' single-and-multi plyaer differently, they gave it 9s and 10s for it's value and combination of Single and multi. In that regard, Orange Box should get 11 out of 10 so either they really wanted to give Halo 3 10 or don't want to give 10 to Orange Box.