The Orange Box Review: 9/10 for Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2

Eurogamer has decided to review each part of Orange Box seperately and so the whole review is in 3 parts. Check alt links for Team Fortress 2 and Portal.

From Episode 2 review:
Episode Two kicks off with Gordon Freeman climbing out of the twisted metal of a smoking train wreck. Is that a metaphor for Episode One? It's been both fun and slightly disappointing to rib Valve for the way in which its bold episodic experiment 'hit the buffers' as soon as it began in May of last year. 'Fun' in that it's oh-so-typical of Valve to be so far off with its release date predictions for the follow-up again that you can help give them a cheeky wink every time a new date emerges. It's disappointing because, well, Eurogamer really wanted to believe that they could do what no other FPS developer had ever done and turn out three episodes of a triple-A game in the space of a year, as was the original plan.

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