Wii Ware Release Date, Details and Titles Revealed

Nintendo revealed tonight some of the first Wii Ware titles, release date, and details on the new service. Wii Ware is planned to be released in March 2008.

Nintendo announced Pokemon Farm, a title that will allow players to transfer your Pokemon from Pearl and Diamond to the Wii. Players will then be able to raise them in a farm-like environment. Other titles shown were Star Soldier R, Dr. Mario, and a BandaiNamco puzzle title.

Incase you thought that Wii Ware would only cater puzzle titles, SquareEnix will be releasing a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles title for Wii Ware. The full title will be Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land. The title will be an exclusive Wii Ware title.

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PS360WII4491d ago

It's cool that Square Enix is making a WiiWare game. Sounds fun too making your own contry and all.

purin4491d ago

I thought WiiWare games were supposed to be a venue for small developers...

PS360WII4491d ago

heh that's what I was thinking too but hey if the big guns want to make WiiWare games as well the more the merrier.