PSU wants you to help develop our first video game

PSU: Have you ever dreamed of creating the next great video game? Do you stay awake all night sketching environments or writing the dialogue for the next greatest cast of characters? Well, PSU wants you to join us in creating our first ever video game.

n4gisatroll4625d ago

Ahh....WTF? There's no way anyone on this site can make a video game.

newn4gguy4625d ago

Come on. I think there's more than enough potential. These people just have to try!

DeadlyFire4625d ago

They could easily make a PSN title or a PC indie title. That is likely their aim if they are making something. They don't have the financial backbone to push for a full retail PS3 game or anything like that I don't believe.

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newn4gguy4625d ago

Action/Adventure title using the worlds and characters of PlayStation franchises. It would be like Kingdom Hearts.

I'd like an intricate and deep story also. I want this to have everything. Make us laugh, cry, feel insignificant, feel powerful, and everything else in-between.

Possible story: A 15 year old boy dreams about these worlds to escape the horrors of his own life. Father beating mother? Maybe even make him an orphan? I'm telling you...people connect with things like this.

With a great developer behind this...we're looking at one of the best games ever made.

Nathan Drake (Nolan North) narrating? I honestly don't know why Sony won't do this. They're sitting on a gold mine.

Pedobear Rocks4625d ago

All we'd get is a Jackass ripoff.

Sevir044625d ago

that's exciting. the fact that they have a publisher helping them get this thing off to a start is nothing short of miraculous. ps minis platform is quickly becoming great. a platformer game is simple, but to be standout its gonna be hard unless you shoot beyond the mini platform. Joe Danger was made by 4 people and it was a mid budget psn title. Everyday shooter was mid budget psn title and it came from one man. they really have to think outside the box.


Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Sold 4.3 Million Copies as Dev Team for the Sequel is Being Built

Today CD Projekt announced its financial results for Q3, 2023, including some interesting information about Cyberpunk 2077 and the Witcher franchise.

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Profchaos23h ago

Quite good numbers the DLC is amazing and was in my top 3 gaming experiences this year.

I wonder that attach rate is excluding sales on ps4 and x1 but does that include people who upgraded from PS4 to 5 and xsx etc as the attach rate is likely far lower if you include last gen owners who updated

CrimsonWing6922h ago

Really can’t wait for the sequel. I love the world of Cyberpunk.

JeffGUNZ20h ago

Man, I played this game when it first launched, back then I had a 2080 and was able to play over 60FPs with RT off. I beat it and never played it again. Just got Phantom Liberty and started playing the 2.0 update with a new character and man, it's such an amazing game now. I am also now playing with a 4090 RT maxed and it is absolutely stunning.

Demetrius18h ago

Recently beat cyberpunk, the 2.0 update was on point fasho, the graphics still look.good asf, hopefully in the sequel there's more to do and interiors to explore


Quake 4 - Launching the Xbox 360 FPS Addiction

Quake 4 arrived as an Xbox 360 launch title soon after its PC debut, and heralded an era in which the single-player FPS dominated.

DefenderOfDoom22d ago

For me, what launched the single player FPS campaign on consoles was Playstation DOOM which I bought during the launch window for the Playstation 1 back in 1995 which ended up being the best port of DOOM on consoles back in the 90s .

Jingsing2d ago

Still plays great today. Shoulder button strafe shooting is fun.

OtterX2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Oh man, that William's Doom on PS1 had the best music/ambience! Really sounded hellish and it still sounds amazing today. I always preferred it over the original Midi music from PC. Doom 64 was really good too for that era!

DefenderOfDoom22d ago

I hope Nightdive does a remaster of QUAKE 4 to be released on all current platforms .

OtterX2d ago

For sure. It was one of the 360 launch titles I picked up and enjoyed
it. But I really hope they do a Quake 3 Arena with crossplay option too. I recently went back and played on PC, and had a ton of fun. Would be nice to have servers officially reopened with a retail remaster! The Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 days are my fondest memories of online shooters.

shinoff21832d ago

There were definitely big fps games on console before this.

Profchaos2d ago

You could do far worse on the 360 back in the day it was a excellent port of a at the time fairly demanding PC game.


Life is Strange Achieved 20 Million Players

Today Don't Nod Entertainment announced that the adventure game Life is Strange has achieved a new player count milestone.

gold_drake5d ago

the og is so good

didnt rly like 2 and the new one.

cthulhucultist4d ago

I found all LiS games to be very good.

Especially the first and True Colors.

Before the storm was also amazing as it tied up the story with 1 in a great way and mae you invested with previously unknown character.

I think LiS 2 was the weakest in the series but still a very good game

Knightofelemia4d ago

The game is a good game I enjoyed the first game I double platinumed it on PS3 and PS4. And Life is Strange Before the Storm I also enjoyed if it was on PS3 I would have bought it again because I enjoyed it. Life is Strange 2 for some reason I just can't get into it. And the newer Life is Strange game I have yet to play it.

vTuro244d ago

This game was quite the experience. I had no idea it was this popular.

badz1494d ago

More than starfield? Must be a huge success. MS should buy these guys

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