Dynasty Warriors 6 White PS3 Bundle in Japan

"The Japanese version of the 40 Gigabyte PS3 was only announced yesterday, but it already has its first software bundle.

Koei has announced plans for the Shin Sangoku Musou 5 with PlayStation 3 package. This bundle includes a copy of Dynasty Warriors 6, a Ceramic White PS3, nine metal character plates, and four clear files, all for the price of 49,980 yen," write IGN.

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Rikitatsu4485d ago

BOOST PS3 Sales Like Never Before

You guys have No Idea how Popular this game is in Japan ? a HUGE SYSTEM SELLER

and no japanese will buy it on 360 Hah

greed4485d ago

hey ill admit that it will sell consoles that is for sure but you don't have to be a troll come on i mean xbots annoy me as much as any one else but i choose not to lower my self to the bottom of the food chain!!!

Rikitatsu4485d ago

I said facts , just because i said "hah" dosen't mean i bash the 360 or something , i am making fun of the japanese choice dude

Sevir044485d ago

this insanely atrocious and repetitive glossy rehash of DW1 will certainly be like a tsunami in PS3 sales when it hits. especially with the 40gig. a huge system seller in japan. and it will certainly be even more apparent when it releases. i cant wait to see what January 2008 sales for PS3 looks like because this new price model will certainly do plenty for Sony over the holidays. and it will be quite interesting to see what the market thinks of Sony after the holiday rush is over and the market frenzy has died down in feb 2008. will sony have sold close to 11 million by then. whil it have done significantly well in japan thanks to this bundle. and will it. how will europe do with the Pro evo 2008 bundle with PS3. austrailia and new zealand how will they do. it's intersting and i for one cant wait

Ggame4485d ago

Sony already droped the price of all PS3 SKUs, so this deal will be BOOM! in Japan, I believe that. ^^"

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