Monster Hunter 3 Hunting on the Wii

During the Nintendo Conference in Japan today, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 3 will be released on the Wii. It was previously believed that the title would appear on the PS3 but things changed. Monster Hunter has always had a huge market in the Japanese market with both PSP titles selling well over 1 million copies.

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Blasphemy4028d ago

Wow this was a big suprise. Looks like Capcom loves the Wii.

Odion4028d ago

geez that is an actual loss

DemiseofPandas4028d ago

It makes total sense, but man is that a surprise.

MK_Red4028d ago

Wow, Wii is officially the winner of next-gen in Japan. Monster Hunder 2 sold way beyond anything in Japan on PSP and not DS. Imagine this game on Wii that they love so much.
Also, kinda sad news because I wanted to see high graphics and HD monsters but now it will be the same as Monster Hunter PS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.