Folklore: 1up review 7.5/10

The mystical overtones of Folklore are apparent upon first glance, which leads many to think it's just another first-wave RPG for the PS3; a throwaway title for an extreme niche. It's not very close to any of those (especially not the "RPG" part), but honestly, its lasting appeal rests on the art style's success at keeping you hooked. Of course, your own affinity for role-playing and/or action-adventure plays a part as well.

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AngelOFDeath4486d ago

omg I am so surprised 1up gave this a 7.5.........

sarcasm this bad is like cancer, just praying you can have some radioactive testing on you so the pain can go away

krackchap4486d ago

it shd have been
Folklore: Microsoft defense force review 7.5/10

greed4486d ago

i will be getting the game regardless i liked the demo and it has a different style from anything i have played before and that's enough for me to consider a buy you either like it or you don't......GET OVER IT!!!!

shysun4486d ago

1up and GS scores never really differ. :( I loved the 3demos and I'll pick it up on friday.

Bebedora4486d ago

On the other hand, Folklore is coming next week here (16:th).
But I hope R&C demo is out in the US store by friday. Then I can still my folklore needs with that for a while...

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The story is too old to be commented.