TDK: HD DVD has no chance in HD war

Executive Jean-Paul Eekhout has said that his company is 100 per cent committed to the Blu-ray Disc format and that he is absolutely certain it will win out over HD DVD. In an interview with, Eekhout spoke about the prospect of TDK releasing recordable HD DVD discs in the future.

"Long before the two HD recordable formats had names, TDK developed core technologies for post-DVD products," said Eekhout. "TDK Corporations' research and development efforts were in fields of material research, manufacturing technologies and hard coating.

"We judged the Blu-ray Disc recordable and rewriteable product concepts to be the superior format in terms of capacity, durability and performance. TDK's core technology aligned very well with the BD-R/RE concepts and there exclusively supports the BD format."
TDK loves Blu-ray

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Lord Anubis4030d ago

He went on to say: "In our recording media domain, there isn't much of a war going on. Today HD recording is 100 per cent in the hands of the Blu-ray products. The format benefits of BD are undisputable indications that BD-R/RE will in fact be the only format that matters for high-definition recording. In our recordable market segment, capacity, data transfer rate and widest format support guarantees the winning position for BD-R/RE.

"TDK strongly believes that there will be one global winner: Blu-ray Disc!" he said.

Maddens Raiders4030d ago

the PS3 pushed the format with a > 1% failure rate. It was a calculated gamble and it's paying off; especially in the games I'm playing. =]

Fan Tastic4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Done deal.

HD-DVD fan response: but we get to watch it in standard def as well, I swear that is an awesome feature well worth paying double the price of a DVD!

Baron794030d ago

HD-DVD is better in every aspect except studio support.
(And honestly the 3 best studios all Support HD-DVD, Universal, Paramount and WB, the first 2 being exclusive.)
But you won't be able to watch Transformers in Hi-Def
anywhere but on HD-DVD (and maybe XBL)And with the new 51 GB HD-DVD disc on it's way ,it will actually has more space then Blu-Ray. Do your reserch before you just post things that you think are happening.Go play your 2 medicore PS3 games and don't comment on Hi-Def movie watching.

actionjackson4029d ago

I hate to point out the obvious, but Hitachi just announced the BD-100, which is a 100 GB BR disk. This disk is also readable with a simple firmware update to existing BR players, including the PS3. Therefore, Blu-Ray actually has almost double the capacity as HD-DVD. Please don't knock people for doing their research.

Baron794029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

For telling me somthing I already know. Like you need 100gb to watch HD Movies. Plus I don't care what Hitachi or BDA says, they lie all the time. I will say it is just science fiction till I see it, just like Batman Begins on Blu-Ray. Also no one above my comment stated any facts just immature Bluray pwned HD-DVD crap,What are they talking about? It is not my fault you wasted your money on a game machine that plays movies.

Jandre024029d ago

Your opinion Iz not fact. It a fact that 100 Iz larger the 50. Its a fact that more companies support bluray. Its a fact that you are the one who need to read up a little more.

Zorry my ezz button iznt workin on my iphone lol.

cuco334029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

although I do lean more towards one side.

BD is by no means better or superior than HD DVD. The only ones preaching this is Sony and BDA (and we've already gotten how many lies form their side?) as well as the Sony fanboys who will believe anything Sony and the BDA says and/or make up their own crud.

Want to know more? Go to a high def forum and read read read. You'll see they both have the same PQ and AQ. It's been agreed upon by many of the brand loyalists who are now converts to being format neutral. The ONLY thing, I repeat the ONLY thing you can get on the other camp for HDM is the exclusive movies in HD. Nature's Journey was the latest film released on both formats and to top it off both versions of the disk were optimized for their own format leading to the end result that NO DIFFERENCE IN PQ/AQ WAS NOTICED!!!!

Since this thread is more about BD in the PC world I'll be on topic. TDK only cares for BD because BD started as a recordable media in the PC market (and eventually made it's way into movies). TDK makes recordable media for the PC market. Go figure that both go hand in hand. But have fun paying the expected $20-40 per BD-R disk. These prices won't be going down either for another 5-10 years.

To note: HD DVD started in the movie side of the disk business like DVD started and is only now making its way into the PC market, hence why you don't see many HD DVD burners or news on them. For disk space for PCs BD is the way as obviously the only thing that is important is capacity. For movies, HD DVD is the way to go due to many reasons like finished spec, cheaper costs overall for same product, etc etc.

EDIT: To below. Let's start just for movies, since you mentioned it and have selective reading. I ask first, how many BD movies do you own that you bought with your own money?! (waits for a made up number)
BD is NOT superior in almost every aspect. I repeat NOT. as in NO as in opposite of YES. NOT superior. I'll list the issues BD has now
1. BD+, Fox publicly thrashed Samsung and LG last week for some of their players not playing Fox's new released BD titles, mind you it was their 1st BD titles in 6months.
2. Disk space is not needed. Dual layers are PLENTY enough. 50gb and 100gb is overkill. Studios also know that the masses have this perception that more disks = better value for movies so why spend extra to pack things on 1 disk for say a tv show season.
3. BD1.1, where is it? Where are the players?
4. BD2.0 where is it?
5. BD-Java = costs more to write, is not better than HDi by any means
6. Sales = 1.5:1 software in favor of BD, that's with about 8-9 times the BD players on the market, removing PS3 since PS3 owners aren't buying BD yields more standalone hardware sold for HD DVD and with better attachment rates the studios look at this
7. all of HDM, both BD and HD DVD, even HD VMD don't even make up 2% of the market
8. BDA's aggressive marketing campaign. What is it now? 5 times that HD DVD was doomed to be dead by now?!
9. I'll end here, the rest is the technical side of things about the unfinished BD spec vs the finalized HD DVD spec that most of you don't even understand nor have the equipment or know someone with the equipment to see/hear yourself.

BD is in shambles right now. Nature's Journey being equal on both formats is another kick to BD's nutsack. I got balls though, I'm about to embrace BD as well with a PS3 purchase but most of my HDM purchases will still be HD DVD.

The only people NOW still saying BD will win, is superior, HD DVD is dead and the like are Sony fanboys, better yet PS3 fanboys.

RudeSole Devil4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Why can't you all see that Blu-Ray is superior and almost every aspect. It may be a little expensive right now but, just like all new technology that's here to stay the price falls very fast to consumer level. Hitachi just announced the BD-100,and also researching on an eight layer disc that can hold 200GB of data but has encountered problems with reflections decreasing signal strength across the eight layers, which it is working to rectify. I know you HD-DVD fanboys will say you don't need 200GB for movies, true for today what about looking towards the future like with Stereo Video.

What ever gets you through the night like sucking your thumb. Those little technical issues will all be resolved shortly after Blu-Ray is the chosen format. The sure number of companies switching exclusive to Blu-Ray is overwhelming. Come on wipe off you bifocals pull the Xbox penis out of your mouth and pay attention to what the professionals are saying. Like lets say Steven Spielberg one of the greatest directors of all time, who love Blu-Ray and hates HD-DVD. Like I said before right now 50GB is plenty, but like most companies that are thinking ahead. What ever format holds more information leaves open more possibilities for tomarrow. Soon a new resolution will be announced greater than 1920x1080p, and we have the storage capacity with Blu-Ray right now. The reason for the playback problems like with the Silver Suffer was due to region lockouts, and bad quality assurance testing on those manufactures.

cuco334029d ago

OK let me go through this whole explaining thing again.
OWN/OWNED: PS1, PS2, PSP, Sony Vaio Laptop, Sony CRTV, Sony alarm clock, Sony mini radio. Also OWN/OWNED: XBOX1, 360, Wii, Multiple Gaming PCs, and that's just back to PS1 era. I've done the whole gaming thing on all platforms since Colecovision/intelivision/atar i 2600. I also own and love HD-A2 HD DVD stand alone player.

Now to get back to your 2nd editted paragraph: Those 'little' technical issues are issues that clearly shows BD isn't ready and a lot of them is due to an unfinished spec. I'll agree, that with time some of these 'hurdles' will be resolved like some of the major rumored manufacturing issues to name one. Studios and manufacturers are taking sides, some go BD, some go HD DVD. There isn't an 'overwhelming' choice here. Certain companies have been biased towards BD due to the PS3 alone and after already being guilty of it make their choice on going exclusive. Guess what, the HDM market is so small and isn't picking up as it should. The masses don't see a need for HDM yet. Especially at the higher price points. Both sides are working on that aspect of things but it's clear to any neutral non-d*ckriding fanboy that HDM is in trouble if things keep going the way they are.
Note the 'professionals' you speak of are paid by Sony and/or favor BD due to incentives. It's business. If you want your 50gb disk to be packed with infomercials and movie trailers in HD than by all means side with those who are infamous for including it (i.e. Disney, Speilberg, etc). What'll be funny is all the 'classic Spielberg' films are licensed to HD DVD exclusive studios (i.e. Paramount) so unless you want his new work go neutral.
Kind of reminds me of the Transformers director who bashed HD DVD refusing to make the 2nd film thinking HD DVD was crappier than BD, up until he saw 300 in HD DVD, the same movie he saw on BD and realized THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN PQ/AQ! But have fun with those movies that have issues with region coding AND BD+. You know, because FOX being exclusive to BD waited 6 months for it's next BD releases only to fumble the ball in the endzone blaming all others but themselves.

Let me end HDTV media is 'new' now but has existed in PCs for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time already and a 'new' resolution for HDTV is already coming it. It's called 1600P, taking a 1080p (or lower) signal and upscaling it to 1600P. So basically soon as HD DVD and BD are done killing themselves, a NEW unified, better, larger format will rise from the ashes in 1600P natively.

Thanks for playing.

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felman874030d ago

If one of these hi-def players were to win, my bets would be on blu-ray 5-1.

My chips are on online though.

OmegaKulu4030d ago

HD-DVD isn't bad... it just doesn't have the support they need. Sure they got intel, MS, and some movie makers, but they don't have enough support from the actually disc industry. On top of that, they still have yet to put out any burners, a read-only format wont work well in today's market.

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