New Ceramic White 40GB PS3 Console from Play-Asia

A brand new model of the PlayStation 3 Console (HDD 40GB Model), the Ceramic White, is being offered by Play-Asia. Play-Asia is listing this model to go on sale on November 11, 2007.

The site claims that the new model does not support PlayStation nor PlayStation2 disc playback. The PAX-Code of the console is PAX0001844126 and the Catalog No. is CECHH00 CW.

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kingofps34483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

It's time that Sony starts offering a variety of different colours for their consoles in the North American market. A Metal Gear themed PS3 will be sweet. :)

Also, just to point out... Sony is taking big steps to grow the PLAYSTATION 3 install base pretty intensively.

PS3 prices Before --> After

UK = 425 --> 299
Rest of Europe = 599 --> 399
Japan = 59,980 --> 39,980
Australia = 999 --> 699

(*60GB to 40GB comparsion)

For the North American markets, I too see a $399 (40GB) and $499(80GB) PS3 console price range. But, I see Rakchet and Clank Future packed into the new 40GB PS3 and probably to go on sale 30 October, 2007 (a possible reason for the delay of R&CF).

mikeslemonade4483d ago

Never pack a game where people would buy anyway. PS3 owners are going to buy RC anyway. Heavenly Sword or Lair are good pack in games, but they should pack in a movie instead like Spiderman 3. Also all the price drops in other territories don't translate to a $400 U.S. PS3. Going by the prices it would be even cheaper than $400.

bourner4483d ago

i like it . i like it alot

felman874483d ago

I'm glad I have my 60 gig.

aiphanes4482d ago

We know Spiderman 3 bluray might be packed in...

Maybe even a game....More than likely Ratchet and Clank...

But I am thinking maybe the price might be $349...or even $299 for the US......This would be a big bang announcement...

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