IGN reviews The Orange Box

IGN has just released it's review of Valve's value packed Orange box. They've done a full review on the entire package as well as individual reviews for each new game included.

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btkadams4491d ago

woot a 9.5. i cant wait til this comes to ps3

Crazyglues4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

It should be said that this review was of the PC version? Not that I expect the console to be too far from this review.

Razzy4491d ago

Why are people disagreeing that he wants the game for his PS3? LOL

Crazyglues4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

@Razzy - I think people are saying they disagree with the part where he says "cant wait til this comes to ps3" -simply because a lot of people believe it will be better on 360. For several reasons.

1. being achievements which is actually a clever thing Microsoft has added to games and has turned gamers into junkies who want bragging rights. (I can't blame them either I too want my gamer points... as silly as that might sound.) I just like having proof that I completed a game.

2. Hooking up with friends, Xbox live does this so easy and nicely that it could be considered a crime if it wasn't so dam sweet. (and by that I just mean even die hard PS3 fans like myself for some reason just can't be mad at that.)

3. Rumble, ohh dear god where is your rumble PS3, yeah it's coming I know but it's not hear yet is it.

4.Ok as if that wasn't enough reasons, how about the fact that the game will not take advantage of any of the PS3's features. Yes people it's sad but this game with use none of the Cell’s SPEs on the PS3, you heard me right none of the 8 will be used. (doesn't really hurt the game in anyway but also doesn't give you a really good reason to buy it for the system unless a PS3 is all you have - and if that's the case then this didn't matter anyway because you where always only going to get the PS3 version)

So to make a long story short PS3 will have better games later on as companies start using the CELL's SPEs and taking advantage of the systems resources better as they learn more of how to use them. But for now these games are once again still better on the 360, for now.

Simply because of the reasons stated above. But as we start the first quarter of 2008 that's when things will get interesting. As we see more and more games like Killzone 2, and MSG4 which will show off the true systems potential.

MikeGdaGod4490d ago

that's still not a reason to disagree with him

borgome4490d ago

Probabaly disagreeing because it will never come to the PS3.

lawman11084490d ago

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats right, it has been DELAYED............Ahahahhahah ahahahhahahahhahaha want to bet it wont be out until 2008?

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Marceles4491d ago

Just the review I've been waiting for...I'm getting it tomorrow

ShiftyLookingCow4491d ago

4 hours before unlocking on Steam!

lawman11084490d ago

Until it comes to the PS3 :)

HarryEtTubMan4490d ago

Why don't you get a life and face it punk... 360 will lose to the PS3 by millions of consoles this generation... and it's just the superior machine that most people want like myself. In 4 years the 360 will be obsolete with PS3 selling at its highest point for still the next 3-4 years... I can't wait to get my PS3 as can many people and many of my friends(we are in our 20's lol) I can't wait.

Fade_Walker4491d ago

9.5! 20 +Hours! Hot Damn!

im so glad im getting this tomorrow, it should last me till Ace Combat 6!

xhi44491d ago

are Valve running at a loss here or something?? This is like the craziest best deal ever! 5 Games for the price of one! Hot dayummm!

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The story is too old to be commented.