GAMESTATION UK is now offering the ps3 starter pack with Fantastic Four (blu-ray)

The starter pack comes at the same price of 349£ but in addition to the 2 extra games and ps3 console consumers would also be getting a Fantastic Four (blu-ray ) movie disc.

Certainly this is good news for the Blu-ray ,SONY and the hi-def movie enthusiasts . The starter pack with deduced price is expected to ignite sales of ps3 bundles alongside the newly launched 40 gig ps3 for 299£.

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nasim4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

That Blu-ray is currently outselling HD DVD 4:1 in EU.

HD DVD is sort of banned in AU and NETHERLANDS. Expect BD sales to ignite 2/3/5 fold with this pack.

EUROPE should fall to total SONY (ps3) domination at the end of this month.

over 250 000 BD disks have been sold in UK

@evil angel

BUY HS if you are a graphic as well as a gameplay whore

and NGS if you are just a gameplay whore.

MOTORSTORM is an amazing game too. It is a little difficult but has amazing AI/GRAPHICS . Online is fun too

However i recommend you to get FOLKLORE and RESISTANCE as well if you have more money.

Nothing comes close to Resistance in terms of fun. Warhawk is an amazing (super fun MP) game too

Evil0Angel4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

great news.i was waiting for the 10th of OCT for the price cut to buy PS3. i will get mine today 10th after-noon.
there is one thing i wannted to ask about , which games should i take with MOTORSTORM ,,,, (NINGA GAIDEN SIGMA) or (HEAVENLY SWORED )
I played the orginal NG in xbox .

(please note :my current internet connection in crap, so what i am lookin more at is great single player )

Meus Renaissance4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

@ Evil

Motorstorm is a fantastic racer and will keep you busy for atleast a few weeks. Multiplayer is fantastic although its only one controller. Heavenly Sword you will adore but you'll be able to complete it very quickly.

Barreldragon004080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

I would say Motorstorm for single player (still have not beat it yet, damn buggies) and online is just awesome (but don't expect to win any matches any time soon)
and Warhawk for the MP The game is amazing i haven't been this addicted to a game sense Solcom 2. and you'll get a mic for the PS3 at the same time.

Heavenly Sword is now my favorite single player game but it is kind of short (11 hours for me) i don't recommend it if its the only game your getting but if your getting more Heavenly Sword should be one of them.

edit: bad internet then either Resistance, Motorstorm, or Heavenly Sword

MRMagoo1234079d ago

if by AU u mean australia or even if you dont its true here ive not seen a hd hvd player yet in one shop no joking ive seen blue ray players but i havent ever seen a hd dvd player i havent even seen a hd dvd either weird really considering

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hotshot12374080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

already, although its a really good game. dont get it but if your a hardcore fan of it. get because its looks crisp and some new gamplay elements that make it better.

funny thing though is that how come people flame nasim even ps3 fanboys but dont flame the mart????

TruthBTold4080d ago

I would recomend Resistance, its a great game that you will keep playing over and over again alone or with friends. If your looking for an adventure game you would enjoy Heavenly Sword, its simply beautiful, it looks like a movie. However HS is not too long so you would beat it kind of fast, but you would enjoy every minute of it. I have played beat it 2 times since I got it. ALso if you like football, FIFA would be a good option, I think its an improvement, or wait for PES. Dirt is way cool as well. Also, if your short on money, my suggestion is to fully enjoy HD, if your TV has an HDMI input, get one, it is so worth it and you will enjoy your games and movies more in HD.

jaja14344080d ago

Screw Fantastic 4, give me 300/Robocop or even better The Fifth Element.

Keowrath4079d ago

Haha you're right! Hell, give me pretty much anything other than Fantastic4. I don't see the inclusion of this particular film persuading too many people... I guess you could Part Ex it in for another game but still.