Conan Demo Dismembers Xbox Live

Ripten's Andrew Podolsky shares his thoughts on the Xbox Live Conan demo for the 360.

"Never before has the phrase "hack and slash" been taken so literally. Fans of the brutal barbarian get not just one, but two licensed games coming out soon, with the action-platforming console game "Conan" coming out this month, as evidenced by a new Xbox Live demo."

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nix4969d ago

but the single player looks pathetic!

BloodySinner4969d ago

The game is garbage, really.

Snukadaman4969d ago

but i have too say it was better then i expected. It shamelessly steals from god of war with all the chopped up dead bodys and all. different weapons and enemies. It does have that "washed out look" that was seen on ps3 multiplats though. It doesnt stand up too HS graphics but as a game you could do far worst, especially since this game came out of nowhere.

felman874969d ago

Crap! Wait for Too Human or God of War

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