FS: Why No Unreal Tournament Demo For The PS3?

During a press event today at Epic's offices in Cary, North Carolina, Epic VP Mark Rein confirmed that they have no plans to offer a PS3 demo of the game. The reason is that Epic is concentrating on finishing the full PS3 version of the game, which like all PS3 games requires a certification from Sony before going gold. Since demos for the PS3 also require a certification from Sony, Rein told FS that it would take too much time from finishing the full game to also create a demo that would also need Sony's stamp of approval.

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Jdash245048d ago (Edited 5048d ago )

because you cant play the ps3 on ut3 play ut3 on the ps3 lol

i love word play

Edit: aww he changed the title, oh well

Edit2: in case your confused to my comment the old title was "No PS3 demo for Unreal tournament 3"

venum5048d ago

that make sense. They're struggling to finish the game. That's the priority.

akaFullMetal5048d ago

yea it does make since, but it still sucks, but we will see the game soon i hope, they said maybe in december (lets cross fingers)

felman875048d ago

Just as long as I get it this year, I could care less.

timmyp535048d ago

if it doesnt make its 2007 release than.. yea we should get a demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.