Joystiq: Shift 2 Unleashed review: Pedal to the medal

Randy Nelson of Joystiq Writes:

With the release of Shift 2 Unleashed, the Need For Speed franchise now holds the distinction of representing the best of arcade-style and simulation racing on consoles. It's an evolution of the original -- not a revolution, but still markedly improved across the board -- and a worthy sequel, easy recommendation for those who enjoyed the first game and great entry point to "real" racing in general

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Kyur4ThePain2760d ago

1. It's "metal", not "medal".
2. This game is shyte (in my opinion).

Quagmire2760d ago

1. Shift 2: Unleashed is a great game
2. Your opinion is shyte (in my opinion)

KimoNoir2760d ago

I'd rather play Mario Kart 64 than this piece of dirt. It's like letting your dog hold the left side of the wheel and your left hand on the right side of the wheel.

The learning curve to learning how to drive his arcade game is like trying to learn how to fly a jet.

NaiNaiNai2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

its actually very easy.

your just a retarded monkey who couldn't get into space.

Theonetheonly2760d ago

I agree

playing this game while racing is very beautiful but i suspect the helmet cam throws off the steering just due to the fact that im not actually turning my head.

Drifting on the other hand i have found to be IMPOSSIBLE with a racing wheel. G27
even with a controller and the assists it is very odd to see the game counter steer, so that when i actually counter steer i over compensate and spin out, so much for REAL drifting.

I have IRACING which many would agree is the most realistic SIM out there and i can drift my ASS off in it, but shift 2 just trying to push the gas and go straight results in RANDOM spinouts, -----Nothing like real life!.

but ghat dayum is this game beautiful in motion!!!!!!!!