Sony Announces Second Gen PC Blu-ray burner

Sony's newest Blu-ray burner cuts 50GB disc burn time in half

Sony announced today a new updated internal Blu-ray burner for PC. The new drive doubles the write speed as compared to previous Blu-ray BD-R burners inside computer systems. The new BWU-200S Blu-ray burner cuts burn time in half allowing a full 50Gb BD-R disc to be burned in about 45 minutes. Previous drives were 2x drives and the burn time was around 90 minutes for a BD-R disc.

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jaja14344484d ago

Nice upgrade but I still refuse to buy one till they a full burn takes less than 20 min. Which if this pace keeps, should be around 4-5 months.

Kururo4484d ago

waiting for a big price drop on these burners. 600$ is just too much for a burner.

DJ4484d ago

But I'll wait for 8x burn speed.

xplosneer4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Luckily the burn speed per multiplier is bigger than DVD, which rocks. 50GB's of data in less than 20 minutes? Dang technology is coming fast.
Also must be less than $350

games4fun4484d ago

this is why all the ps3 games take longer to make they finish the game easy, no problem, but then it takes a couple weeks extra to burn all the disks.
Edit: i own a ps3 by the way

xplosneer4484d ago

They press the discs not burn them, so you're wrong. BD-+R burns, BD-ROM is pressed.

Darkiewonder4484d ago

heck, when the CD Burner came along, I waited for a price I can get. like under 150 lols. same thing with the DVD burner. It's just a matter of time where it's in my price range.

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