THQ confirms staff redundancies at Kaos Studios

THQ has confirmed that were fired about 30 employees at the studio of Kaos Studios and also at Volition. Published by

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Rage_S902761d ago

so many closures and jobs being cut :(

Jobesy2760d ago

They were laid off, not fired. There's a huge difference. If you're fired, you can't claim unemployment benefits. If they were laid off, that's not at all uncommon in the gaming industry like the articles says. Homefront is done, no need for a full staff anymore. I'm sure when a new project comes along, those guys will be getting calls.

gamingdroid2760d ago

Yup, a game developers to a degree is almost like seasonal workers.

GrumpyVeteran2760d ago


I guess it's like, they filled their contractual obligations, anything extra is a bonus.

LusoGamer2761d ago

Yeah. 30 families in a couple of troubles now.

SpLinT2760d ago

thats what they get for trying to make a generic shooter. YOUR FIRED.

Dlacy13g2760d ago

Really.... just stop. What game have you made?

Kon2760d ago

you won one free internet.

GodofwarGoty2760d ago

yeah it seems alot of companys are letting people guess it is hard to stay in business so they have let people go

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