Sonic the Hedgehog Preview

It's been fifteen years since Sega's world-famous mascot arrived in a blur of blue. Fifteen years of sequels, new characters, spin-offs and reinterpretations that have added more to Sonic's world yet also watered down the appeal of the simple high-speed concept. Well that's all history now - new Sonic The Hedgehog is dumping all the unnecessary innovations and taking the series back to Year Zero. There are no gimmicky team options here or bizarre explorations, just Sonic. Running fast.

Lionel Hutz6326d ago

First, why did they put this under the Playstation 3 category? It seems to be only for the 360 according to the article. Does anyone know if it is not an exclusive?

Back to the game. How long has it been since I fired up that Genesis and became one with that 2-D game? I remember trying to complete the boards in seconds. trying to break previous records. Now it seems as if we have that back in the game, but with a few more features like plot, graphics (obviously, right?) and action.

Lastly, to answer one comment that was in the article which said, "Haven't played Sonic since the first 2, but wasn't Dr. Robotnik the bad guys in those? Where did Dr. Eggman come from?"

Dr. Robotnik is Dr. Eggman. I think it is only the US that knows him as Robotnik (UK maybe too). I am sure though that Japan calls him Dr. Eggman (and so does that article).

FamoAmo6326d ago

I know it's on PS3 also!! I love this game. This was awsome on genises. I will purchase this next gen HD Sonic sounds awsome!!


Sega Just Acknowledged Sonic 06's Princess Elise For The First Time In 15 Years

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DarXyde193d ago

Sonic '06 has a special place in my heart.

It's the game that finalized my divorce from the franchise. I actually really liked most of the 3D games before the PS3/X360 era with this steaming pile. It doesn't help that this was the game that gave me RRoD either.

Chocoburger193d ago

There are many worse Sonic games than this one:

Sonic Labrynth
Sonic Free Riders
Sonic the Hedgehog on GBA
Sonic mobile games (too many to list)
Sonic Rivals 1 & 2
Sonic Game Gear titles

There's more I'm forgetting. But yeah, lazy low-hanging fruit, quickly shat out worthless article without substance beating a dead horse that's already been beaten for the past 17 years isn't enough.

DarXyde193d ago

Opinion piece.

And I would say that history tends to be lenient to games that aren't mainline titles and released on handhelds/secondary hardware (Kinect). We can easily acknowledge those games are bad, but you kind of expect it because they're either bad ports or spinoff titles.

As the first mainline game of gen 7, I can see some good arguments for this one being the worst.


Sonic the Hedgehog Co-Creator Shares His Surprising Inspiration for the Game

Naoto Ohshima, the co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, shares the surprisingly surreal original idea that inspired the hit video game franchise.

contra157250d ago

Start getting inspired to start on sonic mania two

LostinthePANIC250d ago

"...the idea for the Sonic games started as a concept called Twin Stars, which was to take place in a dream-like world. It focused on twin brothers who save a dream world from an evil boss named Thirteen, who came from a world of nightmares."