The Top 7 Repeat offenders

You've played a thousand games. You've killed a million bad guys. And yet, as you stand over the mangled corpse of the end boss, you look up to see another enemy on the horizon. A new game, a new threat. It may look different, and in some ways it is. But the truth is you've met this foe countless times before. For these enemies may take many forms, but when you look behind the veil, you'll likely see one of the same seven evils of gaming. Games Radar unmask them over the following pages - know your enemy.

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Fezthebest4484d ago

that is very true and hell yes im tired of freaking zombies, and shooting nazis :( even some zombies, they aint as fun to kill as when i first started playing oh good times.

MrWeymes4484d ago

It's not likely that we're not going to see these enemies in video games until the end of video games which will be the end of the world. LOL. Zombies will never get old in my opinion. Dead Rising was a zombie killing party. I really had a good time with that game. I hope a sequel is in the works. I would also like to see more vampires, or possibly werewolves in video games. You don't see either of them alot, and I think a vampire, or a werewolf game, or possibly a vampire/werewolf game could be great if developers took their time with it. I'm a big horror fan.