Why Are Developers So Scared Of Innovation? (ObnoxiousGamer)

Most games that come out, seem to follow the same formula. Shooter, create story, create drama, same mechanics, send it to the presses. Very rarely do games venture into other genre’s territory, such as a shooter with heavy RPG elements or an action game that changes movement and how you react, defying gravity. We will refer to this, as CrewShadow has called it “C.O.D Syndrome”. This is where a game genre or even company, such as Call Of Duty will not switch its formula in any way, even if it may open the game up to more gamers and avenues. But Why?

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Octo13668d ago

That's because if you even want a publisher to even look at your game your going to have to sometime be a "sheep" and make a cookie cutter game with maybe something just a bit different from what's already out there.However I don't believe that this should be applied to all developers.
Heavy Rain is a good example. Yes it may have been done before but for the type of game it was specially for it to be released with games like COD,Gears etc. It was a huge risk and gamble for both developers and publisher to release a game like Heavy Rain.Demon's Souls is another game that took a lot of gamers and journalist by surprise on how different it was.

di0medes3668d ago

Why? Because the whole industry right now at this point is based on a hit or miss scenario. Companies are afraid or very cautious to poor millions on a new innovation because it might not sell thus ending in deficit. It also depends on other factors, such as, platform, user base, and the economy.

You could compare games like Angry Birds with Killzone 3. Although not a fair comparison and totally different games, budget, and platform, it's something to think about.
Companies in the gaming industry, especially the big boys such as EA, need to start listening to their consumers. Some companies are willing to hear customers out, but others are completely oblivious to their user base.

TLDR: It basically has a lot to do with a companies budget. Innovation could cost you a lot of time and money.

malamdra3667d ago

what is the answer to 9 out of 10 questions? money

Jdoki3667d ago


Because CoD sells a bajillion units. Because consumers buy annual IP with almost no updates. Because risk of failure is too high

Innovation doesn't pay.

thekiddfran3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Because it doesnt sell simple as. Why change a winning formula when it sells shitloads. Take homefront for example. Piece of shit game, hyped through the roof with ads everywhere. No innovation whatsoever yet sells tonnes first week.

Orionsangel3667d ago

Innovation could sell and has before, but publishers and gamers alike are afraid to take a gamble. So they stick with what they know. The only innovation we see is in better graphics.

nnotdead3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Homefront wasn't bad because it lacked innovation, but because it wasn't well polished.

every game doesn't need a whole new way to play to be fun. it just needs to do it well. nothing innovative about KZ3, but i had fun with it.

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