Majesco hops on 'brain training' bandwagon

If there's one thing we need more of, it's brain training games. Thankfully this holiday season Majesco will fill this niche void with Left Brain Right Brain for the Nintendo DS, a platform that seems like such a natural fit for this sort of game that it's simply amazing someone didn't think of it sooner. And then come out with a sequel.

According to Majesco, the game will not only exercise your noodle, but also help improve manual dexterity while testing the neurological settlements on both sides of the brain's Mason-Dixon line through 15 games of speed, accuracy, association, recognition, memory and strategy. Left Brain Right Brain will also be played 'book-style,' as it forces players to 'rotate the DS' to exercise both their dominate and non-dominate hands, though this sounds to us like a better way to test how often the handheld can be dropped without breaking.

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Dlacy13g4027d ago

Why doesnt someone put forward games of this type on the PS3 or 360 in their marketplaces? Seems to me these games are quite popular and certainly easy enough to make from all I have seen. Just seems like they would be a nice fit and help fill a void in that type of game type.