PS3 SingStar pushed back, possibly 2008

SCEA has confirmed the news to 1UP and refused to specify a new release date, even one within a "end of 2007" timeframe. Here's their official comment:

"In an effort to provide consumers with the most robust experience on the PlayStation 3, and access to a diverse catalog of downloadable content, the date of SingStar PS3 has been pushed back. We hope to have a new launch date confirmed in the near future. With a strong lineup currently available for the PS2 including SingStar Rocks, SingStar Pop, SingStar '80s, SingStar Amped and the limited edition SingStar Pop Ceramic White PlayStation 2 bundle, the franchise will continue to provide fun for the entire family this holiday season."

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jackfatal4486d ago

they want to through all their cards in 2008!!!
well there is still very good value to buy ps2 if one never had it before!!
but by doing this it means ps3 will sell the least in this holiday but doesn't mean they will sell bad! they still will sell a lot but not as much us the others!

nasim4486d ago

SONY wants to totally kill competition in 2008 which is very much possible given their very loyal and expanding fanbase .

We have Folklore,uncharted,GT5 prologue,eye of judgement,lair,heavenly sword,ratchet and clank ,resistance, motorstorm and HAZE all coming up in 2007

the 299pound/399 euro ps3 alone would see SONY crushing competition this holiday in SONYLAND (EU ) and JAPAN (with DS 3 and white PS3).

It is in a sense good move.

Fight in 2007 and totally destroy inferior competitors in 2008

Omegasyde4486d ago

..going to advertise Singstar for the Ps2 package. The Ps2 is Sony's answer to the Wii.

120 dollars <US> for a karaoke machine? Not bad. Casual players are the majority unfortunately.

I wish Sony would drop the Ps2 already, and move on with ps3/psp.

"Damn you, Nintendo." :)

Lord Anubis4486d ago

I'm not a person that is into singing games. I've never owned one but Singstar definitely intrigues me. Who, knows I might buy the title and upload my self singing a Muse song.

DEADEND4486d ago

I think if SINGSTAR is pushed back then this is bad for SONY. SINGSTAR is really big in the Europe and with xmas coming very soon this would be the perfect time to release it, more people would buy it more during the holiday session. SINGSTAR is a system seller in Europe for SONY and pushing it back is a really bad idea.

AnalFace4486d ago

Jesus!!! I guess its going to be 2008 before the PS3 gets on its feet

Omegasyde4486d ago

I agree. I think Sony thought a price drop would be enough, but Unreal tournament, and singstar were 2 top "system seller" games.

Still no answer to Microsoft's Halo 3.....

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The story is too old to be commented.