Sony's new PSP: will it steal the DS lead?

Sony is launching the new Star Wars Battlefront PSP entertainment pack today. Is this going to turn the tide against the Nintendo DS, which has been outselling the PSP by 2-to-1? Not likely. It's nice that it comes in new colors and in interesting new bundles, like the new Star Wars Battlefront bundle that is available today. It's good that the PSP is a third lighter. But issues remain with the UMD disc format and the ease with which you can turn this device into a music and video player. The video out feature where you can take the image on the PSP and display it on a TV set is nice, but those images weren't really meant to look nice on an HDTV. Hence, the value of that application is limited.

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omansteveo4490d ago

Probably not...Dragon Quest 9 anyone?

nasim4490d ago

even in JAPAN PSP has mamanged to outsell DS.

in EU /NA PSP used to do better than what it did in JAPAN

The TV connectivity alone steals everything from DS

imagine playing FF :tactics/syphon filter/mgs portable ops on a 71" TV .

PSP has also a better lineup of games and not to forget GOD OF WAR : Chains of Olympus

Dannagar4490d ago

The New PSP will do better (I intend on getting one myself) but PSP has like 24 million users while DS has over 50 million users. DS is too far for PSP to catch up.

LaxMan9864490d ago

but i dont think its even important... bothe handhelds are doing very well. It just depends on the types of games you want to play.

felman874489d ago

I agree with 2.1

I have both and I use my PSP for music as well as playstation games (tekken 5 comes to mind, God of War is coming out next year) while my DS gets some nintendo games. (mario, advance wars, etc)

Double-Edged4490d ago

problem solved. every gamer will be happy.
I've been waiting for that game for toooooooooooooo long.

Greysturm4490d ago

Looking by the titles released in japan and their sucess the lead is gonna be reduced but i dont think the difference is gonna be bridged simply because the psp is more hardcore for games and tech junkies and the ds is more acessible to average people also known as casuals.

Zhuk4490d ago

I dont think it will but there is plenty of room for both the DS and the PSP to be successful in the handheld market.

I personally think the PSP is a far better machine and I hope that it makes some serious ground against the DS, the past 12 months has seen it go from having a relatively mediocre games library to a quite amazing one and its only getting better

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The story is too old to be commented.