Meet the bouncing duo, Wiz and Waz…

Eidos Interactive, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of interactive software, has announced an exciting new title for its mobile phone range. SolaRola is an engrossing physics-based puzzle game set within a gaudy game world and will be released in October through to November 2007.

The first of its kind for mobile phones, SolaRola introduces two cute heroes – Wiz and Waz - who are charged with bouncing their way across 25 planets using whatever comes to hand to get them from one side to the other. The pair have joined forces to thwart the plans of their nemesis Ping the Unmerciless who has kidnapped the six guardians of SolaRola's universe. Thus, the duo explore the colourful play area to recover their captured overlords and eventually defeat the evil Ping.

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