No BC On The 40gb PS3 Is A Good Thing lists three major points that explain why having no backwards compatibility on the 40gb PS3 model is actually a very good thing.

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Dannagar5005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

Just like Blu-Ray, the lack of BC is good for Sony because it leaves gamers with limited options in terms of what they can spend their money on. [NEW]PS3 owners can either buy a PS3 game/games or Blu-Ray discs. In the end, its not so good for gamers but it's great for Sony.

nasim5005d ago

BOT dont talk about the customers. we are happy with our ps1/2 and we want to play ps3 games on ps3.

rather than selling low powered and 100% defective console like x360 with no HDMI 1.3 support , no NEXT GEN DVD player, no wifi , 50$ for useless online.....we get a ps3 which has all the features for just a 100$ extra.


the starter pack is now reduced to 350 pounds just 50 pounds more than a 299 pound ps3. if you want BC then get that for just 50 pounds extra .

The x360 (all models ) is just 44% compatible with xbox games . The core cannot do BC however.

XBOTS dont whine about ps3 in here. Deal with 100% low powered and defective x360s rather. Send them to some mechanics if MS are not repairing them for free . Most of these BOTS are not 3/4 th x360 and still they shameless troll ps3 forum.

go watch a garbage movie at 480p on the trash 2$ DVD drive of x360 /play cartoon halo 3 at 640p. In the meantime the consumers can experience movies and games (natively ) on ps3 at FULL HD of 1080p at 24hertz at a full 60fps


actionjackson5005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

I don't neccessarily agree. First and foremost, Sony is providing gamers with the opportunity to buy BC. The 60Gb version still contains BC. Also, if you notice the price difference between the 2 SKUs is $100 which is the price of the PS2 come this holiday season. So no gamer is actually left without the option of paying for it. When the PS3 came out everyone from opposing camps screamed that the inclusion of Blu-Ray was unneccessary. Sony stuck with it, since games are published on that format. Now they take out BC and every is screaming that it is a bad move? Frankly, do people ever discuss the BC of the X360? No. Why is it such a big issue on the PS3, even though there is a SKU which accounts for it? It's not an issue. BC has become an option, not a neccessity. Therefore it is now an option.

Last gen for Sony is currently valued at $100. At $400 ($300 more) gets you a next-gen game console, with full HD capabilities (HDMI enabled), Blu-Ray, hard drive, online, wireless, PSN, etc. $500 get's you all the options of boths consoles in one. You want options, Sony is providing options. There's actually a gain for the consumers, not a loss.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most people still own their functional PS2 and continue to use it. By Sony offering this new model, they are not forcing consumers to re-purchase the PS2 if they don't want to. Why should I pay $100 extra for the guts of a previous console, when I already have the $100 machine right on my TV stand? Now I don't have to (40Gb PS3). But if I do want to get an all in one, can I? Yes, for $100 more (60Gb-80Gb PS3). Just a thought.

PS. @ Nasim --> I like Sony, but you are ruining the credibility of the Sony fans on this site. Please, just stop your bashing. If you have something intelligent to say, everyone will support you. Or you can continue ruining it for many on this site.

frizshizzle5005d ago

No it means Sony can shift resources for better ps3 games.

kooplar5005d ago

I think people are just getting tired of clicking the disagree and report button with you. At least I for one am.

cuco335005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

I'm still surprised he hasn't been banned yet as everything he posts goes against a ton of forum rules we all agree to abide by. But note the kid only preaches specs. He doesn't know sh*t about anything he's talking about other than what he reads at sony or bluray forums.

As for no PS2 BC being a 'good thing' I call MAJOR BS.

Some of us want to unclutter our media areas like me. I have an HD-A2 HD DVD player, 360, Wii, Cable DVR and AV reciever with space for 1 more thing... a PS3. My modded xbox1 was moved to another room which my PS2 is in. I hate bringing the PS2 to my main room and going through this whole unplug this and plug that just to get a PS2 game in (I bargain bin shop and always pick up must have PS2 games even till today). Some sold off their PS2s to either fund the PS3 purchase or move on to next gen gaming. Some of us still have a PS2 library we like to play anytime the craving for a last gen classic arises, in rooms nonetheless with larger TVs and great surround sound setups.

How can a company who once tooted it's horn bashing the competition for not being 100% BC now go completely against that refusing to be compatible with the most succesful and largest video game library of all time? ASININE isn't even the word for it. I suspect Sony sees that PS2 isn't going away and this is a means to start the consumer phase change to the platform, bringing on the potential for more BD buyers.

But as you can see from nasim's and other fanboy's comments below that whatever Sony says they will follow and defend. I refuse to buy a 40gb PS3 simply because of no PS2 BC. I don't care for wifi, nor card readers. I'll even forget about the no rumble until next year. But PS2 BC I can not go without. I'll just source a used 60gb elsewhere.

Shame on Sony for pulling the PS2 BC out after all the campaigning and marketing they did preaching it.

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kalel1145005d ago

Name one highly anticipated PS2 game. Right, there is none. If you buy a PS3, you are buying it to play PS3 games or watch BR movies not new PS2 games. If you want to play your old PS2 games, keep your PS2. How hard is that for people to grasp?

Ignorant Fanboy5005d ago

Is the best game I have for my PS3.

Would be a shame not to be able to play it, my PS2 is broken.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI5005d ago

I find it funny how people who already own a ps3 with BC are complaining. Like what is there to complain about? You already have your console now get lost and play some games let people who don't own the console worry.

cuco335005d ago

PS3 fans even attack each other.

Shame. Maybe he wants to convince his buddies to buy a PS3 and since they all said it's too expensive, now a price drop comes. That's just one of many scenarios on why a current PS3 owner doesn't like the 40gb specs

marionz5005d ago

i was considering buying a ps3 with the price drop, but its the budget model previously not sold here in NZ, and it has no backward compatibility its just not worth it to me
what happened to sonys promise of being back compat with all ps1 and ps2 games from day one? why b1tch about MS back compat when they are clearly doing a worse job of it?
some ps3 models play a few some models play alot and some models play noen....i dont get it
give me a good deal of a price drop and a decent bundle and ill still consiter buying a ps3, only stocking the core model from now on in EUR and where im from NZ is not a good move, its trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and make them think they are getting a good deal
and why would you take BC out when there are so many ps2 games still being made?

CrazzyMan5005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

those who want BC, just should wait for 80GB model, it`s definately coming.

but well, 399$ price, Blu-ray, Wi-Fi, FREE Online Gaming, Good Quality Hardware.
Do competitors have better to offer? NO.

p.s. in 2005 people were buying x360 for 399$, which had OLD dvd, NO HDMI, VERY VERY sh1tty BC, FAILING HARDWARE, online gaming was for money, and still people were buying. Something changed in 2 years? People don`t want better quality products now? =))

BloodySinner5005d ago

But the Xbox 360 is cheap in price and has BC...

iceice1235005d ago

Hmm better than none, it's a cheaper console too LOL! More games, more better games. Live>PSN features and online games wise. Blu-ray? how many PS3 owners even use that....ahahaahah. See people buy a console for games, PS3 is lacking and will always be behind the 360, there's no point in buying one. This is why the 360 is still outselling the PS3 almost two to one. Go cry in your corner now.

xplosneer5005d ago

I'll give you price, but you can still get the 80GB in US or 60GB till it sells out in Europe with WAY better BC then the 360. Also, no matter what SCEE says, they will eventually put BC in the 40GB PS3, just like the PS1 on the 40GB.

BloodySinner5005d ago (Edited 5005d ago )

It may be "WAY" better, but it's still "WAY" too expensive (for the high-end version). I want a PS3, but I'm not paying $400 knowing I'm not getting everything out of the box. And Sony is being hush-hush about the lack of BC for it.

xplosneer5005d ago

I told you I'd give you price right?

Also, no offense, but does that big box that says IMPORTANT on the 40GB that says DOES NOT PLAY PS2 GAMES not count?

Hint:Save $100 dollars.

P.S. Almost done saving for the new 360s!

WAR_MACHINE775005d ago

BloodySinner, how has Sony been "hush hush" on no BC? They have gone on record saying it doesn't have it, its printed on the box, and retailers have been made fully aware of it. Its not like they said nothing and people are getting them home and finding this out.

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