New Shows Coming to Xbox LIVE Marketplace in US

There's a plethora, maybe even two plethoras, of shows coming to Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace in the U.S. this week.

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Mikelarry4484d ago

wheres the love for the uk its 2 months before xmas and still no movie downloads in the uk. ms i demand my movie downloads and my update if you havent noticed its friggin AUTUMN.

jcgamer4484d ago

wow...that show is crazy hilarious...

Covenant4484d ago

While I'm glad to see some Disney titles coming, it's not an impressive list...not exactly their AAA stuff, though Black Cauldron and Sword in the Stone aren't bad.

Between the Platinum Family Hits at $19.99 and the Disney titles coming to Live, it looks like MS is courting the same crowd that has made the Wii a big hit.

Good to see Narnia and Fellowship...keep the SF and Fantasy titles coming, MS.

JasonXE4484d ago

Personally for me this is the best one out of the three and is a must download for me. Please let it be available for HD and if it is then my HEAD WILL EXPLODE. I love Xbl man...The only problem would be the download time for a 3 hour movie...ouchies.

jaja14344484d ago

I love the Disney policy of playing both sides against the middle. Extremely smart business move on their part.

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