Video Game Reviews: Reading Between The Lines

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"Depending on where you turn for gaming information, game review scores can vary quite a bit. Although some games are almost universally applauded, (Halo 3 comes to mind) most games receive a wide range of scores from various media outlets that it can be difficult for gamers to know who to believe. While most gamers tend to rely on a small stable of trusted journalists to tell them what to buy, rent, or pass on, it's hard to find any reviewer that one agrees with 100% of the time. If one places all their trust in one source, they not only run the risk of missing out on games they may have otherwise enjoyed, they could conversely jump onto the wrong bandwagon, wasting their time and money."

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dantesparda4030d ago

Fvck review scores! just get the games that interest you. If a game you want keeps getting bad reviews, just approach it with caution, and try and see it for yourself first, thats all. And if it has the greatest reviews, also beware, as it might build up your expectations and set you up for a let down. Just be the judge for yourself and fvck these review scores

Real Gambler4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

How could the same game get a 100/100 and 50/100???? One or both reviewers is(are) definitively wrong...

NewScratch4030d ago

the idea and theres a badass designer out there we can do this site...

wangdiddy824030d ago

Heavenly sword is a step beyond anything i have played and seen this gen.. Thats including the 360, wii, and ps3.

paul_war4030d ago

It is very good, really gets you involved & its not as short as people imply it is, 6 hours or something stupid like that. It still has its issues though, more locations etc.

Figboy4030d ago

is my own.

according to popular concensus, i should *HATE Lair with the fury of a thousand suns. as it stands, i actually *LIKE the game. it's not good, no. but i like it anyway.

i don't like sports games. *AT ALL. if i were to review sports games, i'd probably rate them as crap or low, because i don't like them. does that mean sports games suck? *NO. my point is that, there are reviewers out there that are insanely mismatched with the games they are reviewing, due to deadlines, whatever.

they'll have a guy that hates RPGs review Blue Dragon, or a guy that hates stance-based fighting systems review Heavenly Sword.

i just play the damn games for *MYSELF and base my purchasing decision off of that. i mean, jesus, has this world degenerated to the point where people won't jump, until somebody *SAYS TO?

for the love of god, just *TRY out the game and decide. i mean, it's so ridiculous to rely on the opinion of *SOMEONE ELSE. we aren't children anymore, i think we can make up our own minds.

there are quite a few games in my gaming library that have gotten mediocre to poor reviews (ie, Rise of the Kasai and ghosthunter), which, while the games are certainly not a 9 or 10, are enjoyable for me, personally.

i agree that Lair is a 6.5/10 or 7/10 game.

or Ghosthunter is a 7/10 and Rise of the Kasai is a 7/10, but i still like them.

the problem with the final score of reviews these days, is that while they may be accurate in their rating (ie, the games i mentioned above), but the final score never actually conveys any fun-factor the game may have inside of that not so AAA package.

i like controlling the dragon with the Sixaxis for the most part. i like some of the missions (not all, but most of them are enjoyable).

i like stealth-killing people in Rise of the Kasai, and i love the art direction and cutscenes.

i like capturing Ghosts with cool weapons and what not in Ghosthunter.

the point is that there is fun to be had, but if i were to *SOLELY base my thoughts of the game from it's final score, i could be short-changing myself of a good time.

reviews are simply *ONE person's opinion. and what's important to note about that, is that it's not *MY opinion, so it will always be taken with a grain of salt (for example, the guy that gave Warhawk a 7/10 is, in my opinion, a complete retard, but of course, i think he's 100% entitled to his opinion, and the game, for him, probably *IS a 7/10. online only or not, i'd personally give the game 9/10 because i find it insanely fun).

i beseech you guys to start trying these games for yourselves, or just outright buying the games that interest you, regardless of "popular opinion." i mean, since when has popular concensus ever known what the f*ck they were talking about anyway?

lonestarmt4030d ago

couldn't have said it better myself. 100% agree, best post, I would give you two bubbles if I could, since I can't here is an agree and a bubble!

Figboy4030d ago


to Genki, yeah, it's ridiculous how reviews hold so much weight with the consumer. it's like they completely turn off their own individual preferences and tastes, because Roger Ebert, and his gaming equivilant, says the movie/game/song/whatever, is bad.

i'm not ashamed to admit that i have a *LOT of DVDs in my collections that i rightfully know are crap, but enjoy them nonetheless.

me and my fiance were just talking about how much we love Ghostbusters 2, even though popular opinion is that it's a sh*tty movie, especially compared to the first. like i care. i love them both, but i like the second more. sorry the second one doesn't have enough one liners to post on T-Shirts for my fellow comi-con geeks everywhere. oh well.

i think reviews are a nice suggestion, but it shouldn't be taken as law, which is, unfortunately, what a lot of gamers across the net do.

how many times has a thread where people are talking about Lair or Heavenly Sword been attacked with "well, Lair got a 4/10 at ign, and Heavenly Sword got a 7/10, but teh Halos got 10/10! HAW HAW!"

personally, i prefer the Heavenly Swords over the Halos (mainly because i *LOVE 3rd person action/adventure games. i'd choose Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, and Folklore over Unreal Tournament 3 and Killzone 2 anyday, although i like FPSes, just not as much as 3rd person games).

there are plenty of legitimately sh*tty games out there to hate on (most licensed games come readily to mind; ie, Mary Kate and Ashley games, Bratz games, Barbie, Spider-Man; and i'm a *HUGE Spidey fan; etc), but too much stock is being put in reviews lately. mainly from dissenting fanboys of *ALL camps.

the PS3 fanboys love to throw out the poor Blue Dragon reviews, and the 360 fans love to throw out the poor Lair reviews.

it's never going to stop, and the reviewers themselves are never going to cease acting like their sh*t doesn't stink, and puffing up like a blowfish so they won't feel unnecessary, which, in a perfect world, would be the truth. reviewers *AREN'T necessary. either you will like the product that has your interest, or you will *NOT. no one but you can make up your mind about that. educated suggestions are nice and all, but they are still suggestions, and it is still up to you to decide what you'll spend your hard earned money on.

The Wood4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

how may films, albums or products that you have loved and have been hated on by all or some of the media. look at your dvd collections or albums and ask yourself how many of those things you liked because you were meant to apposed to what you actually ENJOYED.

Back in my amiga haydays i played a game called future wars by delphine. In hindsight the game had an infuriating point n click system where your cursor had to be almost pixel perfect on some of the puzzles. the ratings were lowered because of this but i tell ya, it took me to another world (no pun intended) Im sure you can appreciate this was long before xbl demos and even the internet but me and two other close friends played it at the same time using our house phones to tell each other where we were and give hints on how to solve puzzles. For me it was a great game and opened my eyes to point n click games.

There are some points to this rambling and one of those is that people on the whole nowadays are far too worried about the sales of a game over its substance and its review score as a fact more than the games themselves. I may not have been introduced to delphine games or point n clicks had i not just tried future wars.

From what it looks like now games around 7 are not worth looking at and it pissing me off that were loosing the thing that made us gamers, curiosity. When i was younger scores were not the important thing. There was no internet in the spectrum/early atari,amiga days just magazines if you could afford em. Id buy a game just because of its artwork on the games cover. Things are different now i understand that and the price of games mean that they have almost become more of a mini investment and for SOME people the right to brag. Either way its time to return to gaming. IF YOU LIKE IT, PLAY IT. We're not the stepford wives

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