Xbox Japanese Commercial: Do Do Do

Sure the Xbox 360 is not thriving as well as people have hoped, but that doesn't stop the commercials: DO DO DO!

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dachiefsman4030d ago

I would love to see a translation of this.....cause I can't see people running to DO-DO-DO!!!

DZNetworks4030d ago

in Japanese means something different than in the US.

Heck, Im a Xboter and even I thought it was funny.

dachiefsman4030d ago

more bizarre than funny, but then again it doesn't surprise me

DrWan4030d ago

This xbox commercial is really funny, are these guys famous in Japan? anyone into the pop culture?

theoneandonly4030d ago

And the 360 is doing alot better in japan than the Xbox who would have thought an American developer would get this far.

I have to give props to them, may they continue to grow marketshare over there!!!!!

In North America they really lock the market down. :D

tuffco4030d ago

Man your such a looser, I read your piece and I pictured an ugly little geek with zits and is still a virgin. Honestly dude crawl on a major highway at night and wear black, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!