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Stephen Kelley from gamrReview says" wrestling games were a thing of the past until today. WWE All Stars is just what the doctor ordered for lapsed fans of the genre. Gone are the complex controls, boring management simulations, and long story modes, all replaced with a bit of stylish butt-kicking."

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bmw693853d ago

Better score than I was expecting!

Duke_Silver3853d ago

yeah it actually surprised me a lot! seems the same way with a lot of folks, it's been getting 80's and 90's all around.

BeardedGamerShow3853d ago

Looks like WWE trying to make a return to gaming relevancy.

Boody-Bandit3853d ago

IMO they did just that. This is the first wrestling game I have like since Asmik's engine for WCW vs NWO on the N64. This game is a blast to play. I only have4 more matches to go before I have completed all the events. I have play it THAT much already.

Duke_Silver3853d ago

the online matches are pretty fun as well, I love messing with trash talkers on there :P