Screenshot Comparison – GOW III Kratos vs Mortal Kombat Kratos

A screenshot comparison on God of War III’s Kratos vs Mortal Kombat’s Kratos has been unveiled.

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edwineverready2786d ago

second and third mortal combat screens are cgi. He doesn't look bad but he looks much better in GOWIII

Queefy_B2786d ago

Easily Gow3 kratos are they even being serious?


What a lame article! 2 of Mortal Kombat screenshots are CGI and only the second screenshot of GOW3 is from the final shipped version, and that looks better than CGI.

Talking about professional journalism !

jeseth2786d ago

The GOW3 character model of Kratos is the best character model I've seen in a game to date. He looks amazing.

Rumor2786d ago

Screen shots from a calculator?

no thank you. I'll wait for lens of truth...but even then i think we all know which will win.

ravinash2786d ago

It always was going to be an up hill battle to get Krato looking as good in Mortal Combat to how he does in GOW3.

sikbeta2786d ago

Maybe they're comparing for the sake of it, it's not like someone was expecting to see a better Kratos on a different game...

Boody-Bandit2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Nathan those links say it all. I haven't played GOW3 since a month or so after it was released and it slipped my mind just how visually amazing that game was/is. Definitely among the top 3, if not number 1, best visuals on a console released this generation "so far".

I'm not expecting the Kratos character model on MK to even come close to SM's model. I just want to play as him in the MK world and rip some heads off Helios style.

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RememberThe3572786d ago

The MK model looks great. I was really not expecting much but I'm impressed. But look how good GOW3 looks. Those are in game renders verses cgi and GOW3 still hangs with it.

F'in impressive Santa Monica, f'in impressive.


Mortal Kombat team got the same model model of Kratos from GOW3 and tweaked it to fit the limited Unreal Engine 3, hence Kratos still looks better and more detailed than all Mortal Kombat characters.

Read and see the interview between GOW3 and Mortal Kombat makers.

MaxXAttaxX2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

They said they used the GOWIII Kratos' design as a reference. They're not using the actual model from GOWIII though.

But yes you're right, they just can't achieve the same detail with the Unreal Engine.

gypsygib2786d ago

Sorry who said Crysis 2 has the best console graphics again? Yeah yeah, it's more open (but still very constrained) but using that logic, Red Dead Redemption or GTA4 would have the best graphics because they still look good and offer huge environments.

moparful992785d ago

I would like to point those people that are drinking the crysis 2 kool aid to the underworld scene in God of War 3 when you can see for miles and miles into the distance and see the underside of the earth being held up by spires all while souls rain down into the abyss from above... FREAKING EPIC! One of the most amazing scenes I have witnessed in a game...

Serjikal_Strike2786d ago

A much Bigger Badass in the GoW3 screens

HeavenlySnipes2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

actually a good comparison, its refreshing that its not another C2 vs KZ3 comparison.

EDIT: wow, the second pic from the Mortal Combat side is CG but the GOW pics still look better. It makes me appreciate GOW graphics a lot more. I personally think its the best looking PS3 game.

Pintheshadows2786d ago

Me too, its Gowgeous. I'm sorry.

x5exotic2785d ago

Best Looking game on consoles so far! Luv it XD

Kon2786d ago

Pointless comparison as Kratos in GOW3 is clearly better.

Serjikal_Strike2786d ago

Well that is the whole point of this comparison...
its actually a good comparison compared to others that pop up on here...ala...resistance 3 vs gears 3

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