Suda 51 Wants to Make No More Heroes Sequel

Andriasang: Grasshopper's top creators speak about No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned and more at charity event.

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Mohdunknown2786d ago

didn`t he make no more heroes 2

Shok2786d ago

Uh, yea. I have no idea what the article is talkin about. I think this may be old.

na-no-nai2786d ago

I think they meant he want to make a third sequel to No More Heroes

EYEamNUMBER12786d ago

well actually suda did say he wants to continue no more heroes on nintendos next home console

maybe he means a sequel to NMH2?

fossilfern2786d ago

I wouldn't mind a new killer 7 :/

Raider692785d ago

Indeed KILLER 7 is one of my most loved games!Weird but magnificently executed!

LoaMcLoa2785d ago

So would I (and actually Suda himself), but Capcom owns the right :C

Ducky2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

... so... more heroes?

Just as long as the sequel numbers don't get as ridiculous as FinalFantasy's.

Rampaged Death2786d ago

I would welcome a NMH3 with open arms. Hopefully it gets released on all 3 platforms at the same time. NMH has to be one of the most underrated franchises.

Theyellowflash302786d ago

I was a huge fan of NMH 1 but NMH 2 kinda felt like the story lost purpose. The first NMH had a great story and even was a bit mysterious. NMH 2 kinda just said F the story this is all about blood. The ending for NMH 2 is one of the worst endings/boss battles ever. It made no sense and as soon as I was done i didn't want to replay the game.... i wanted to sell it back to gamestop. Not only that but they removed all of the side challenges that let you get bronze, silver, and gold medals in lawn mowing, gas fill up, and coconut collecting ect. Plus they removed the one hit fail missions. NMH 2 was a dissapointing from almost all aspects. Lets just be happy were getting a PS3 port of the first good game with bonus content.

Venox20082785d ago

new NMH for Wii and one new for 3DS!! 3D blooooood!!! :)

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