U.S. Soldiers To Get Their Halo 3 Fix On Xbox 360

U.S. soldiers might soon be trading their M16s for plasma ray guns or virtual footballs, thanks to Microsoft. The tech giant revealed Tuesday that it is in the process of equipping USO centers around the world with Xbox 360 consoles so that armed forces personnel can play games like Halo 3 or Madden NFL 07 during time off.

The soldiers will also be able to chat with loved ones back home using headsets linked to the Xbox Live online service.

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BADBOYEK44029d ago

This is a very Smart move by Microsoft.

Bloodmask4029d ago

I live in the U.S. and have nothing but respect for the men and women in the armed forces. This is really a great idea not only for moral but "any" way the troops would get to communicate with their friends and families back home is a plus.

Good going Micro.

Omegasyde4028d ago

Halo is big among in the United States Marine Corps despite

"Master Chief" being a Navy rank.

Captain Tuttle4029d ago

Good job Microsoft. Especially the chat thing. That'll mean more to those guys and gals than Halo 3.

heavyarms4028d ago

Excellent job on microsoft's part.

WilliamRLBaker4028d ago

did it with the original xbox too.

and where else would they get their halo 3 fix? on ps3?

Omegasyde4028d ago

actually since the 360's will be coming with headsets, most likely games won't be played as much because of hogging of the chat time.

Let alone Phone cards are expensive and when I was over there the PX(store) was often sold out when I got off patrol....


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The story is too old to be commented.