DLC- Game Changer or a Broken System?

Inside AX's Nick G. gives an overview of DLC and how it's more of a necessity than for-profit.

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Yi-Long3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

... DLC has made me spend LESS on games, not more, simply because I don't buy those DLC-milking games, but I just wait for a 'complete' edition to be released later on.

So a game used to cost 50 euro new. They release DLC to try and skim me out of an extra 20 bucks orso...

... meaning I won't buy the game for 50 euro. I won't be buying any DLC. I'll wait a year and pick up a 'complete' edition for 20 euro, IF I'm still interested in the game by then!

It works in my favour as well, as I end up buying lots more games (and with more content), yet I spend less money in total!

rezznik3855d ago

Yah, I'm more or less in agreement. With so many games being released nowadays, I find myself waiting for GOTY editions that contains all of the DLC content.

That said, I'm downloading ME2's "the Arrival" at the moment....

Yi-Long3855d ago

... for the reason I mentioned before: I'll wait for a GOTY edition, if I'm still interested in the game by then.

I have to say, I was recently playing through Mass Effect 1 for the first time, and although I liked the setting and story and such, I didn't like the shooting-sections AT ALL, so I went back to some other games...

... so not sure if I'll bother with Mass Effect 2. I know they fixed the shooting in the sequel, but there's just so much other quality games out there to buy and enjoy (I have a crazy backlog at the moment), that it's certainly not a certainty that I'll pick it up when it gets the GOTY-treatment.

At least Team Meat is supporting their brilliant game, Super Meat Boy, with FREE DLC!

insomnium23854d ago

Free DLC..? That's blasphemy LOL.

dangert123854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

DLC has to be the worst thing that happend this gen don't gt me wrong but its so f'd up its unreal

2 cod map packs cost just over 22 pound
then you need the over exspensive game to play these exspensive maps

oh als why does the price on dlc never go down unless its special offer
and the odd few publishers would mak more money with a real marketing statergy

Vherostar3854d ago

DLC was a great idea at first and was very well implemented also with map packs etc later on in a games life. However developers abused it to get extra money from games by holding back initial content from games for extra money which is just wrong and I think once you start abusing a system like that something needs to change. I just wish DATEL found a way around Sonys new block method and fixed action replay so we could unlock those dlc on the disc for free using a cheat device like action replay like in the old days before dlc!

Emilio_Estevez3854d ago

It's both, all depends on how it's done.

Quagmire3854d ago

Wait for a year when they bundle the game with all the previous DLC which will altogether be less than the current price, brand new.

gamingisnotacrime3854d ago

games that milk in dlc i buy used

lol by trying to pimch us they may end up losing money

brish3854d ago

I discovered something interesting on various game forums.

There are some hardcore gamers that finish 2 or 3 games a week. The way they do it is they buy the product new, finish it in a few days, then sell it back while it still has a high resale value so they get most of their money back.

$60 - $40 = $20 to play the game.

When games have single use codes it will reduce the resale value of the game.

$60 - $30 = $30 to play the game.

The reason there is a strong used game market is because there are a lot of people who sell their games. If the resale value is diminished I think those hardcore gamers will buy fewer new games because of the additional cost to them.