The Worst Xbox Live Arcade Games Of All Time

What are the worst XBLA games? GamePlayToday takes a look.

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kennykramer3413d ago

Castle Crasher is one of the worst games on XBLA? Is this guy on crack?

vgn243413d ago

I agree that he'd have to be on something, but maybe you should have read it. Doesn't appear that the guy said Castle Crashers was the worst.

Derekvinyard133413d ago

Castle crashers isnt even on there!!

darthv723413d ago

some of them are indie games. Yeah there are some stinkers on the indie side as there is on the regular side.

Not all indie games are bad though. Diamonds in the rough if you will.

guitarded773413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

He/she just put the pic to get hits Raichu50 is a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!

antz11043413d ago

LOL at the total flamebait pic to get people to read,CC wasn't even on there.

Low tactic author, very low indeed.

B1663r3413d ago

He should have chosen a Yaris logo instead of Castle Crashers, because Castle Crashers is one of the best games this gen.

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SwiftShot3413d ago

READ IT! The pic was meant to get attention at most, Got mine.

Neko_Mega3413d ago

Castle Crasher isn't on this list, I think this person used it to get hits.

Other then that I think I list is right on the dot, but using Castle Crasher pictue was kind of bs.

BeaRye3413d ago

How in the F is that Doritos game not on there? It's absolute garbage.

oddexarcadia3413d ago

You have to keep in mind that this is from someone who used the Castle Crasher pic to get attention for their article.

darthv723413d ago

i have the first one but never really played it. The crash course one is pretty fun though. Sort of a mix of ninja warrior and wipeout.

dash of destruction...had to think a minute. Seeing as i never played it i cant say one way or the other. It was free and for a free game that is better than Yaris it cant be all that bad.

antz11043413d ago

Dude for a free game Crash Course is pretty fun and addicting.

IDK, did Doritos have another game I didn't know about?

darthv723413d ago

crash course is the latest one with avatar support. The first one was called dash of destruction and it was some kind of trex running around breaking stuff in a top down type of view.

It might still be on xbla for free.

antz11043413d ago

I did not know that, thanks Darth!

KaBaW3413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

I don't know of the game you are talking about.. but, if I'm not mistaken, they (Doritos) had another game, for XBLa. This game was played with four(4) teams of two players, or with bots, where one player drove a vehicle around a track in a race, using a select of 4 vehicles. The other player controlled turrets, that were placed around the track, to shoot at and destroy the contending teams vehicles or gunners. Whilst the driver tried to avoid the gunners, and to remain in first place (obviously) while picking up 'abilities.' Such abilities were that of one giving your vehicle a shield, one that upgraded your gunners turrets, one downgraded the contending gunners turrets, and one for a boost (I believe).

Fun game, I say. It's called Harm's Way. It's free.

Tikicobra3413d ago

Wow, that's the most pathetic attempt at getting views I've seen in quite a while.

3413d ago
BeaRye3413d ago

I think (at least hope) that it's a "contrast" thing meaning Castle Crashers is awesome.

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ThanatosDMC3413d ago

Weirdest exclusive game on 360 that you can get for $1 is Sneak King... Burger King game and you play as a creeper.

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