Vietnam to see development sector boom?

Report says number of game studios will rise from 10 to 84 by 2010

A report on Vietnameses news site People's Daily Online predicts that the country's games industry is set to boom with a rise in revenues genereated by online gaming and rise in the number of games studios.

A paper from the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa) reportedly says that the local online games services will generate revenues of US$50m in 2007, rising to US$83m by 2010.

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novaIS3504486d ago

you guys do know that is the northern Vietnamese flag, and a communist symbol. The souther Vietnamese flag is three red stripes on a yellow background

barom4486d ago

you know that Vietnam is no longer two different countries right? They're one united nation and they use that flag.

Lionsguard4486d ago

Actually that is the entire country's new flag and yes it is the communist flag but Vietnam is entirely communist now so it's recognized as the new flag. The Yellow background with red stripes is only used by us here in the USA. Back on the subject though, I never ever thought in a million years I'd read an article about my home country beefing up on videogames. That is just weird...

hellomrhieu4485d ago

regardless of the fact that vietnam is a unified communist country, the southerners STILL tout the other flag to express their opposition. you will find no southern vietnamese person that would raise the communist flag.


i thought Vietnam was never into gaming. this is the first news gaming about this country.

USA = good at FPS = powerful lasers

Japan = RPGs+fighting games+every others = advance robots