The 24-carat gold MacBook Pro, with diamond studded Apple logo - For the paltry sum of $8,000

Computer Choppers has finished their custom 24-carat gold Macbook Pro modification. And it looks just...golden...

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Cat4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Christmas list! ;)

fury4028d ago

...but then again I somehow like the design.

Rooted_Dust4028d ago

To whoever is a big enough tool to purchase this...Please submit yourself for your public flogging.

PlayStation3604028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Yeah, public flogging by people who are jealous as hell. :P This sucker looks pretty dope, although I'm more of a silver or platinum type person. However, even if I saved enough money, I wouldn't get it. It's a bad enough temptation for some a-hole to come and snatch a "regular" MacBook pro. But one in 24K gold plating and studded Diamonds?

Rooted_Dust4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Are you kidding? I would be embarrassed to be walking around with such a blatant example of my excess. Not to mention that it would make you look like a total jackass.

PlayStation3604028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

But you can't deny, YOU WILL GET LOOKS. Hell, chicks would definitely be eyeing you. That's like saying, why would someone buy a Viper or a Bugatti. You think people are buying them for transportation? lol Or it's like some folks buying expensive clothes, people love to show off ones self. People may see them as jackasses, but it just proves that people are noticing. Now I agree with you, this is way too much. But we shouldn't dog someone for buying something they want. If you really want something, get it (as long as it's not illegal.) :P. Let no man put you down or make you change your decision

Marceles4028d ago

Must be Trump's personal apple laptop. Looks nice, but I always liked silver/platinum more than gold. That gold finish is baller though.

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The story is too old to be commented.