Crytek CEO specs out Crysis: GameSpot Q&A

Cevat Yerli spells out the system requirements for his upcoming first-person shooter, offers insight on getting the most from the hardware.

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Bonsai12144495d ago

256mb graphics memory recommended... well. there goes my hopes and dreams. i won't play this game in the next few years then.. college budget ftw

Rooted_Dust4495d ago

256 MB of Video Ram is the basic standard now for graphics cards.

Regret4494d ago

Few news down is same article :P

ShiftyLookingCow4494d ago

this also includes an interview so its not a duplicate

NaAsAr4494d ago

i have a single core opteron [email protected]
2gb ddr @ 242mhz @ 3,4,4,8 1tcmd
7800gt @ 500/1320
xp pro 32bit

think i can hit 720p rez? i doubt it :(

mighty_douche4494d ago

your not talking about a console.

and youll probably be ok as long as you dont mind turning everything to minimum so it looks like CS 1.6

neogeo4494d ago

I will wait for this for the PS3. and don't tell me its not coming because it IS! and nobody, not even the Crsis team can convince me otherwise period!