PSU Exclusive: Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 Interview

Details include:
- New Game modes with edition to ECW Extreme Rules Match
- Xbox 360 vs PS3 versions (Xbox has custom songs, PS3 uses SIXAXIS)
- Talk about using PlayStation Network to hold tournaments
- 1,400 unique Create-A-Superstar parts
- 720p resolution
- Xbox Live demo on the way

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goodganja4488d ago

THQ and Yukes are realizing the freedom PSN gives you on creating content on PS3. Tournaments will be very fun and innovative due to what PS3 brings plus SIXAXIS controls. Due to XBOX live's lame @$$ restrictions, I dont forsee this on 360 ever.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

radzy4488d ago

when sony can fix the warhawk servers, then you can comment on xboxlive.
did you read the article? even though he was interviewed by a playstation fansite, they asked the question if there will be any demo on the way,the developer then said "yes,ON XBOX LIVE"
restricted you say, how many demos does; PSN have- maybe 5
xboxlive-maybe 1000

fenderputty4488d ago

while I think that nasim and this dude aren't exacly poster child posters, you're no A Class poster yourself. There are actually quite a but more demos on the PSN then 5. Nice try though.

escobahr4488d ago

so the 360 gets custom soundtracks?

and the PS3 gets sixxaxis feature( which the dev says allows you to control the camer fps style in the wrestlers entrance)

so i guess the 360 gets a highly functional option for create wrestler while ps3 owners get a lame sixaxis gimmick?

i have both systems so oh well.

to be honest...i like my ps3 much better, but i will prolly get the 360 version due to that one difference.

so stupid.

The Real Joker4488d ago

I don't understand the fascination with wrestling. Maybe its because I don't sleep with my sister or watch NASCAR. Its just low-rent and not entertaining. Yay..lets watch something completely scripted and smash beer cans on our heads! Anyway I am sure several of you think I am being judgemental, but I live in TN and this [email protected] is everywhere (that and NASCAR). If people want to see real talent, the UFC and Pride (merged now) are where its at.

shodown194488d ago

I will probably purchase the 360 version of Smackdown vs Raw as well. Though the tournament feature is rather invigorating for the PS3, I love the fact that I can create myself and then create my own song to go along with it.

Dannagar4488d ago

I'll download the demo in November for the Xbox 360.

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