Folklore Gets 9/10 From Play: An Enigma

Play's Nick Des Barres writes:
Game Republic's Folklore is an enigma. I'm going to tell it to you straight: It's a sensational game. I just don't think I'm equipped to parse exactly how sensational it is, and I may not be able to for several more years. Like many classics, it may require aging in the memory, like a fine wine, to truly understand. It's not that there's anything particularly revolutionary about it. To the contrary, you might call it antiquated: Just another Japanese action-adventure, evoking game grammar that goes right back to The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Kid Icarus. Nevertheless, something tells me–or rather, makes me feel–that I've just played this generation's Ico.

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CrazzyMan4491d ago

just not for everyone, but if you liekd the demo, you will like the game. :)

wageslave4491d ago

Yes that score certainly is an enigma.

Folklore has 7.5 / 10

I know you SDF types like to post only the top reviews for PS3 title, but there is no hiding Folklore is *ANOTHER* failure.

Folklore isnt an enigma at all in the abysmal PS3 Library.

d3l33t4491d ago

have you played it?

I enjoyed the demo. wtf are you talking about

DarkArcani4490d ago

Sorry, none of the games we enjoy require shoving objects in/up our various oriphices.

Some people like, it some people didn't, does that make it abysmal? Maybe for you.

For the others like me, we have a thing called taste.

ALItheWISE4491d ago

I cant wait to play this game... Comparing it to zelda and metroid is an honor imo... I gotta agree with the Crazzyman...SLEEPER AAA HIT!!!

PStriple7034491d ago

lol can't wait for this game

BulletToothtony4491d ago

oh wait that's pretty much every ps3 game.. (except lair) there's a lot of sites giving some games 9's and even 10's and then there's the other sites giving games a 6 or a 7,

some reviewers play the game and like it, some reviewers are just looking for flaws.. either way, i just love the variety of games that the ps3 has to offer.. reaches a broader audience, which is the best thing for existing ps3 users

Armyless4491d ago

I like the way you put that. Nice.

amilimos4490d ago

... the word "variety" carries a lot of wieght. I agree with you a 100%. This "variety" is another feature that makes the PS3 stand out in my opinion ...

Bonsai12144491d ago

its a pretty tall order to say that this is this gen's ICO... i'll rent it when i get home to see what happens

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The story is too old to be commented.