SCE Australia boss on the 40GB PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand managing director Michael Ephraim on the new 40GB PS3 model, discontinuing the 60GB version, and copping flak from gamers.

Sony has recently confirmed its PlayStation 3 plans in Australia--the 60GB model is being discontinued, with the newly introduced 40GB version the only one available for the foreseeable future. GameSpot AU chatted with Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand managing director Michael Ephraim on why the company decided to introduce a brand new retail unit, what flak he's expecting from gamers, and how much of an impact he expects the new 40GB model will make on PS3 sales.

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40GB PS3 is definitely going to sell well during this holiday. I can't wait to pick up those "AAA" games for my PS3.

xhi44485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

one company has a more down to earth, reality based, normal bloke attitude. Look he says "To be honest, no matter what we do we cop flak. We seem to be copping flak on just about everything we do.", instead of simply saying the coporate response of "no we don't believe gamers....blah blah".

Gotta luv us aussies :P


WOW!!! Okay I worked it out, Sony has actually made more money (or lost more) than Nintendo, Nintendo made $67,200,000 so far with 168,000 units moved for $400 each, whilst Sony with its 1000 dollar price sold 82,000 units and made $82,000,000. At the moment I think both companies....actually I'm not sure about Nintendo but Sony is profiting at a loss, because of the 4-5 years of research and development of the PS3, but yeah I thought that was fairly interesting.

YAY bubbles for excellent math and initiative work? :D

level 3604485d ago

Australian gamers' deserve a better deal and a "real" price-cut on the PS3. Other countries are getting the 80gb version while we'll only get 40gb?
AU$699.00 is still a lot of dollars for a PS3 console alone, AU$989.00 for the bundle pack is a bargain?! Those games that come with the pack are already old titles selling at half their usual price.
We're not dumb over here you know...
Sony just does'nt care about this part of the globe...