Halo 3 Harbinger of GTA IV Sales?

With $300 million in sales in its first week, Halo 3 is living up to the market hype (and giant marketing campaign).

But there's another juggernaut looming: Take-Two and Rockstar's GTA IV. Could the success of Master Chief's latest shoot-up be an indication of the potential sales from the latest entry in Rockstar's iconic franchise?

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MK_Red4494d ago

Well, previous GTA games have outsold previous Halo games but back then GTA was PS2 exclusive (At least timely). This round, GTA4 is coming with all the hype on 2 systems and I honestly don't see a reason why one should miss this game. It's GTA and it's from RockStar. Can't wait.

Xi4494d ago

about 10% of ps2 owners bought vice city when it was released and that was 13million or so copies.
nearly 40% of all 360 owners bought halo 3.

Shankle4494d ago

Well if they have a marketing campaign as good as halo's, then it will no doubt beat it in sales. It's friggin' Grand Theft Auto!

MK_Red4494d ago

Good point but I don't think Take Two hype machine is strong as Microsoft's.

Chris_GTR14494d ago

this game will defenetly sell alot of 360s.

fury4494d ago

...a lot of PS3s. I can already see a flamewar about on which system GTAIV sold more often.

goodganja4494d ago

I see this game selling more PS3's than 360. Due to the fact of the outstanding 2008 lineup. People wil see how much more value the PS3 will have due to their superior game selection.

BIadestarX4494d ago

@FuRy - and as proof of your assumption... what do we have here? As usual... a Sony fanboy adds fire to try to start a flame war.

@goodganja44 - mmm... what's that red icon.. with a % sign?.... not going to bother responding to your flamebait... I hope everyone does the same.

Xi4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

you think more people will buy a ps3 even though it would still be more expensive, and it doesn't have achievements or the exclusive DLC, and more people will have a 360 to play online with? that's great great way of thinking.

oh, and current library > future one
more people look at what games a console has not what games it will get.

ATLRoAcH4493d ago

Whoa there Xi,something a lot of people take out text there.The only downloadable content exclusive to the 360 is episodic content.The PS3 will have downloadable content just not the episodic content.You can check if you want.

Cutnell4493d ago

I just wanted to point out your blatant fanboyism.

You said, "oh, and current library > future one
more people look at what games a console has not what games it will get."

Clearly you are touting the 360's superior current library. However, I am disagreeing with your reasoning. If this were entirely true, no one would buy a next gen console (PS2s for everyone). Also, many people bought the 360 in anticipation of games such as Halo 3, Fable 2, Assassin's creed, PGR, Mass Effect, GTA IV, etc many months before their release dates. Hmmm, example of people buying a console based on future library? Oh, yeah, that's right, it is.

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jcgamer4494d ago about a N4G was definitely one of MS's smarter moves, no matter the cost...I predict 3-4 million on day one across both PS3 and 360 in the US alone...a 'Halo 3' moment...dare I say bigger...moment...anyone else care to predict? Rockstar might release a third trailer either before Christmas or soon after at the beginning of new year...or a TV ad during the Super Bowl, who knows...

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The story is too old to be commented.