PGR4 vs PGR3 Video Comparison

Side by side video comparison of PGR4 and PGR3 showing the direction in which Bizarre is taking their latest game in the Xbox 360 exclusive racing game series.

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felidae4491d ago

i'm confused ... which one is PGR4? The whole time i thought the above until i saw the PGR4 licence plate on the car in the bottom vid.

hmm.. ?!?

DZNetworks4491d ago

The one with the motorcyle is obviously PGR4...

secret4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

If the encoded video is of low quality, you'd expect the top screen to still look worse than the lower screen, because both screens are effected by the low quality equally.

For example, lets say the top screen is a 10 in graphics, and the lower screen is a 20 in graphics. Now, let's degrade the quality of both screens by 5. The upper screen should then become 5 and the lower screen should become 15. And 5 is still lower than 15 in graphics.

Because of this, your eyes should still see that the upper screen as being worse than the lower screen. But because you can't (you really can't at first glance at least), that means that the first gen title and the third/fourth gen title looks similar.

Maybe it's because of the limitations of xbox360 that you can't add both weather AND improve car models and lighting at the same time - simultaneously. You have to give and take when the pie is small.

There is nothing hi-definition about the xbox360. You talk about 720p and 1080p, but if DVD-9 is really hi-definition, I ask you this -- why would you need HD-DVD or Bluray discs then? Why don't you just keep your old upscaling DVD player and forget HD-DVD and Bluray and watch everything upscaled on your HDTV?

Smoke & mirrors. Smoke & Mirrors. Some people refuse to admit that they're just staring into puffs of smoke & mirrors that's fogging up reality because they don't understand technology or because they refuse to admit that they made a wrong decision and want to protect their egos from bruises.

Wageslave, saying your racing game is the best compared to anything on the PS3 is merely an opinion and not a fact. No matter how high the review scores are, to someone else's eyes, they will always think that Mostorstorm or Grand Turismo 5 are better racing games, as I do. You've been backing your opinion with reviewer opinions and calling it a fact. There's no fact.

A fact is something that can be proven inarguably false or true by scientific experiments or observation. For example, let's say that you stated, "In my opinion, pigs have been known to fly." That is a factual statement no matter how you word it. It's because it is scientifically provable to be either false or true. You can exam all pigs throughout textbooks and all pigs currently alive and you won't ever see a flying pig so far.

Similarly, you can say that a girl that you hated has HIV or AIDS when you know she doesn't. However, it's still a factual statement. You can yank her into the testing room and have her tested. It can be proven scientically whether she has it or not. You can take her to ten medical test centers just to be sure.

But to say that PGR4 is better as a matter of fact is not a fact, no matter how you word it or how many other opinions you use to support it. Because if you look carefully, you already have a majority of the people voting disagree on your "fact statement." It is in their opinion that your opinion and the reviewer's opinions are different and is proof that it isn't better than anyting on the PS3. And opinions can change over time. At any given moment, any of the reviewers could think differently based on the mood or other experiences or after a closer observation and then secretly change their "factual" statement one way or the other in their mind at least. I do think that Mostorstorm and Grand Turismo 5 are better than anything on the xbox360 and that's one of the reasons why I refused to buy an xbox360. Understand?

If I do believe that Halo 3 and Gears and Bio are perfect 10's and wonderful -- TOO. then why didn't I buy the xbox360 or even buy it for my Personal Computer, since those games are on the PC, aren't they? Those games pretty much received perfect 10's and mean that they are the best games ever made right?

No. Because it's their opinion. I have my OWN OPINIONS and because it's my money and not theirs, I choose according to my TASTES. My opinion is that I prefer Motostorm, Grand Turismo 5, Resistance, Sigma, GRAW2, MGS4, HAZE, and Ratchet & Clank, and that's why I bought my PS3 -- in addition to free online, high quality (not low quality) Bluray and DVD playback, and PS2, PS1, and PSN features (since I skipped the PS2, PS1 eras, SACD playback, seemingly indestructable hardware, quiteness, sleek black design that blends into the night when watching movies or playing games with the lights turned off, motion sensing controls, beautiful design, one piece design, linux computer, folding to help society, its potentials, its environmental friendly materials that's safer for humans and the environment, the Sony brand name, and the fact that the PS3 plus my computer can become a custom built XBOX360. All of which the xbox360 lacks.

Why would I buy an xbox360 for Gears or Bioshock or Halo if I don't like those games? I should buy it because somebody else likes them and gave them good scores? I don't think so.

PS3 + PC computer = XBOX360
Most people who buy a PS3 first will rarely need to buy an xbox360, but most people who buy xbox360's first will most likely feel a desire for a PS3 at some point. Only one of the main reasons is that most of the games worth having on the xbox360 are going to be ported to the xbox360 (GRAW2, NGS, Oblivion, COD4, Fight Night3, DEVIL MAY CRY, and so on) or they will be available on the PC in almost everyone's homes -- such as Halo, Gears, and Bioshock the PC version.

XBOX360 owners can pout and flame until their face turns blue and faint, but in the end, we PS3 owners made the right purchase. And we know it.

Here, this video is of low quality too...The Grand Turismo's are not even finished.

Grand Turismo 5


Enough said...


Gondee4490d ago

Ok ,that right above me is a PS fanboy. He just dosnt spam it.

The video is about comparing the games graphics. Not how people that buy a ps3 and a PC wont need an xbox.

I need a name for a PS bot???
any one got one?

Jinxstar4490d ago

Wow Secret Kinda extreme huh? I am a PS3 fan too but no matter what you post they wont care man. All in all 360 fans are right on some things. Lack of games and delays left and right suck. However the ones that are blind to the PS3 potential i.e. looking at Wardevil and GT5 need a good skull smashing. At the current moment they have 3 REALLY good games. Well 2(Dont much like halo myself) imo but still 3 AAA titles we cant touch Gear, Halo3 and Bioshock. Still though down the line I think many will convert. No point in all that man. Its a good post but yeah.

@ Gondee If I think of one I'll let you know. "Xbot" is pretty good "Playbot" and "Botstation" aint that good...

Ima go play Phantom Hourglass. If I think of one I'll PM you...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4490d ago

There is nothing more pathetic than a "Droid" from a Star Wars movie accept Jar Jar, there purpose is to be cannon fodder "training" for the hero Jedi. Everything they do, their whole existance is to do whatever the emperor/Sony tells them even the lies and promises. In the end they lose and are pushed into galactic garbage pits of overpriced promises and lies.

Ps3Fanboy7774490d ago


Man was everyone just flat wrong. From developers, to analysts, reviewers..

Going to be funny watching everyone buy the Ps3. Cant wait to see all the justifications..

OWNED.. Ps3 wins. Gt5 spanks this sooo bad.. I mean its not even fair. Then add 1080p 60FPS to the mix... LMAO

Atleast you have the scaler........................ ........ lmao

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AnalFace4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

PGR3 looks better IMO.???? hehehe... eh?
Oh yer and that doesnt even sound like an F430?

BadTaste4491d ago

So which of your questions do you want answered first? =/


TheUltimatePS3Fanboy4491d ago

Well there you have it they haven't improved $h1T.

shysun4490d ago

The shadows n the first video looks much better.I cant see much else.

CrazzyMan4491d ago

though, not really big difference.

p.s. PGR3 was in 600p. PGR4 now in 720p i think.. well probably because of that, not big difference on 372x288 video.. =)

OC_MurphysLaw4491d ago

but this didnt really show us anything. this PGR4 is all about a new weather system so I would have liked to see that, plus the bikes would have been nice to see as well. Not to mention the video quality of this capture wasnt the best so hard to really see if PGR4 has any graphical improvements...

Based off that video...they looked like the same game. Not a ringing endorsement if you ask me to buy the new one. Show me the weather me what makes this game different.

gamesR4fun4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

wow talk about no noticeable difference they really got to try harder for my 50$

edit guess Ill have to see it RL to tell also should say that 3 was and still is one of the greatest racers ever so I guess they could only improve so much...

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